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What Are My Maternal Genes Saying About Me?

I have always wanted to know my ancestral roots as far back as I can remember. Being adopted somehow heightened my curiosity.  Even though I have had a successful reunion with my biological family, the curiosity of my deep roots have never subsided.  I saw this DNA testing as an opportunity to know more about my ancestral roots and about myself.

Below is an illustration of how sons carry their mother’s DNA and how the daughter passes on her mother’s DNA to her children.  I know very little of biology and will not attempt to pretend that I do…All I know is that Science has advanced so much so over the years, that it has allowed others such as myself to learn more about their maternal line through DNA testing, and so here I am.

In July of 2011, I received an email from the National Urban League(NUL) stating that they were partnering with 23andme, with the intentions of encouraging people of African descent to participate in the testing of their DNA.  The NUL and 23andme stated that there is a lack of participation of African Americans and there is little known about the connection between DNA & Disease in the African American.  I have been a participant of a National longitudinal study of African American Women, and so I also saw this as an opportunity to find out what diseases I may be inheritable to, and find ways that I could prevent those diseases from occurring.

I have always identified as being African American with the knowledge that I have Mexican and some Indian Ancestry.  All I know is DNA doesn’t lie, so here is what some of my information shows….Even though I do not understand what everything means.

My Maternal Haplogroup B2

My maternal Haplogroup is B2 which is found in Native American Ancestry, and U.S. Southwestern Groups.  I believe that B2’s are also found in South America, North America and Asia.

My Ancestry Painting

So what this chart is showing that I am 48% European, 33 % African, and 18% Asian.  Am I surprised…Well, yes and no.  I thought I would be no more than 10% European, 50% African and 40% other.

What I find interesting from my Ancestry painting is that I have no long solid lines.  I am totally intertwined with various colors in the chart.

I am very curious as to what my paternal line has to say about me.  I would be thrilled if I could get one of my father’s brothers to take the DNA test for me, but I think that I will have to at least get one of my brothers soon to do this for me.  On my maternal line, my Uncle and Grandfather recently died and so my hopes of getting anything from my maternal line will be impossible.

Global Similarity

The Global Similarity chart of my DNA revealed that on my Maternal line that my DNA similarity is largely matched in South and North America.

I am hoping that I can get more clarity of my DNA as time goes on.  The 23andme testing has been very valuable to me.  I believe that I will be able to be a part of this health study for awhile.  I am required to complete online surveys on my health, environment and behaviors.  I hope more African Americans participate as this will be most helpful.

The other thing is that many African Americans state they are of Native American Ancestry.  What we need to do is have our DNA studied so that there are more of us and there can be more info as to the actuality of this.  I believe that since there are more Europeans in the DNA bank, they base the Native American Ancestry by their Genes.  If I am mis-stating this, please let me know.

I am sure many of us have watched Finding Your Roots with Dr. Henry Louis Gates.  He is an advocate for 23andme, and has stated in his program that many African Americans ancestry are of European descent rather than Native American.  I am not sure of his statements because I think until more of us decide to participate we will not have a fuller picture as to our ancestry.

One thing that I know for sure is that I self-identify of the African American culture, so that is what I am.

Harlem-Sugar Hill, New York Family Research Trip

This is the first trip I took to dig a little deeper into the life of my mother and her parents.  The trip was life-changing for me. Here is a slide show presentation that I did for research group, “The African American Genealogical Research Group.”  It is very long, but I hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year 2012 & Goals For The Year

Many Goals for 2011 were accomplished and there were some that were not.  After reassessing, some of my goals I had for 2011, I decided not to follow through with as I feel they are not necessary right now.  


Goals For 2012

  1.  Meet my Porter Family in Las Vegas: Date set for January 24 & 25, 2012 (Bought ticket)
  2.  Boston University Genealogy Certification Program (Paid last payment 12/30/2011)
  3.  Worcester, Massachusetts Family Research Trip #2
  4.  New Bern, Craven County Family Research Trip: Summer
  5. Riverside, CA National Archive Research Trip
  6.  New York Research and Tourist Trip #4 February 2012
  7.  Write and Complete “Embraced Identity” and ready for publication in 2013.
  8.  Exercise 3x Week
  9.  Lose inches to be a size 8 petite
  10.  Continue Family Research & Blog
  11. Blog Research for “Cully Family History, An African American Legacy.
  12. Develop Porter Foundation with the goal to raise funds for at least 2 Elementary Schools.
  13. Blogging Presentation for San Diego African American Genealogical Research Group for January 2012.
  14. Attend the Roots Conference in Los Angeles, March 2012.
  15. Finish paying for Tori to Spain, April 2012.
  16. Finish paying for Tori’s School Ring, January 2012
  17. Build various streams of income for 2012.Read at least 2 books a month.
  18. Raise funds for Uncle Wendell Culley’s headstone.
  19. Orlando Florida and Cully, Switzerland…Jazz Festival, April 2012

With all these many goals, I am so excited for the New Year!!!  I wish you all a Happy New Year and a Bountiful Year!!!

The things I would like to accomplish from the Year 2011

The things I would like to accomplish for the Year 2011.

     Every year instead of doing resolutions, I put together a list of things to accomplish.  This year was pretty successful.  Here was my list for 2011, and I have already put my list together for 2012 and will post those on January 1, 2012.  May you all have a Happy New Year!  I have enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs, and look forward to reading more into the new year.

1.  Write Embraced Identity-A Memoir (complete manuscript by Jan 2012)  Maybe in June 2012…LOL

2.  Research for  The Cully Family History Book (Lot’s done and more to do)

3.  Trip to New Bern/Craven County, North Carolina to document and research (August) ? Not this year  😦  Maybe 2012

4.  Trip to Worcester, Cambridge & Boston, MA to document and research (July end)Did an earlier trip

5. Plan Cully Family Reunion for 2012 in Florida.?

6.  Howard/Paulette 2011 Family Reunion in Chicago (July 1-5) (pd for registration and flight)  Ended up cancelling.

7.  Trip to Detroit, MI to get headstone on grandfather’s grave.  (Need to find another way)

8.  Have a headstone placed on Uncle Wendell Culley’s gravesite.  (made calls but did not make it happen)

9.  Put together scrapbooks of 2010 trips (done)

10.           Complete New York Family Research Trip Presentation by January 7, 2011 to be presented to the Genealogy group. (done)

11.           Help Vanessa buy a car.  (still looking)

12.           Get Victoria a car. (her dad’s going to get it)

13.           Save some $$$ this year. (Not)

14.           Plan for 2012 Trips to Martinsville, Virginia & Sistersville, VA for research. (Maybe)

15.           Help Tori with SAT for College  (Will be taking in 2012)

16.           Help Tori Research schools of choice: Howard U, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Univ of Irvine, UCLA & UCSD, and apply.  (We visited Harvard and Howard)  She thinks she will go to Cornell.

17.            Help Victoria apply for scholarships for school.  (Will be doing this soon)

18.            Help my Niece Brittnee get into her school of choice in NY- Fashion Institute. (not sure if this is what she will be doing)

19.           Develop and Improve family relationships(doing it)

20.             Piano Lessons  (Currently in process) (quit)

21.             Blog more. (Currently in process)  (doing it daily till my computer crashed…LOL

22.             Trip to Washington D.C. and Boston & Worcester (April 1-10, 2011)  Spring Break  (Done)

Genealogy Corner: Day #5

     The last few days have been very busy for me.  I began to switch my blot to WordPress, and hopefully will have it where I want it by the weekend.  Then at that time, It will be permanent.  I still like to use blogger, but I am thinking WordPress will be better for me.

     I began to send out Holiday/Christmas Cards today.  I also sent a few calendars that were put together by the San Diego African American Genealogy Research Group.  Every year Felix Greene, President of the group publishes a collaborative calendar that features a members relative/s.  This year I had my Grand Uncle Wendell Culley featured in the month of August 2012.  This is such a great idea for a keepsake and at the same time to raise money for your organization.


This is the picture that I submitted for the Calendar:

       I have been looking at planning some family research trips for the 2012 year.  Before the end of this month, I intend on visiting my Grandmother’s brother, who is the last one living in his generation as it has been awhile since I seen him.  I spoke with him yesterday to get his address.  I learned that his father grew cotton in his fields.   I plan to go back to New York and Worcester, MA in February 2012, and possibly to New Bern, NC in the Summer.

      Until tomorrow….Happy Research….and Happy Holidays!!!

Genealogy Corner: Day #1

     The Year is beginning to wind-up before it winds down, and I have decided to take a mini break from posting my family research until after Christmas.  I have not forgot about my goal to write daily, so I figure I will just post the things I have done for the next few weeks.

     I am going to spend the next few months catching up on some of the reading I had wanted to do throughout the year.  I just started reading the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave Written by Himself a few days ago.  I am finding the reading quite insightful.

     One reason my interest was peaked in reading about Frederick Douglass, is that I am looking at his family line, because my Peters family had Douglass’s living in their home in Washington, DC. Off the top of my head, which I will go into detail later, the individual was a widow of a Frederick Douglass (not sure if it was possibly Frederick Douglass’s grandson) and her daughter was listed in the household.

     Today I received Pencil Shavings, Memoirs by Olive Higgins Prouty.  I spoke to Olive’s grand-niece Clarinda a few weeks ago, and she suggested that I read the memoirs so that I familiarize myself to the Higgins Family.  I have a continued interest in the Higgins family as My Great Grandfather Ambrose Cully, his in-laws, and his two older daughters worked for the Higgins in Worcester, MA.  I hope to read this book before Summer of 2012 as Clarinda will make some inquiries as to the employment status of my Cully family working for her great-grandparents, and the possible relationship my family had with the Higgins.

2nd Edition
Pencil Shavings

     I will be doing my yearly presentation for the San Diego African American Genealogical Research Group on January 14, 2012.  My presentation this year will be Blogging Your Family History.  I have been blogging for less than a year and so far, I am the only member of this group that blogs their genealogy.  I think it will be very valuable to them to get the information and to possibly become members of Geneabloggers.  I will be putting together a slide presentation, so if anyone has any suggestions, please do not hesitate to give me some pointers.

     I am also going to spend this time to read some blogs I haven’t read in awhile.  There is such a wealth of information out their in the Geneablogger World, and wish I had more time to read everyone’s.

      Well, until tomorrow….Happy Blogging!!!!

Unveiling of Dr. Walter J. Porter Portrait-Part#1

     I loved and admired my father Walter J. Porter dearly.  The San Diego community respected and liked “Wally” as well.   Walter Porter was a community activist, and a highly respected educator in the City of San Diego.  It is my love of my father that I continue in my father and mother’s legacy as they both were educators.  Betty Porter was an elementary school teacher for over 30 years in the San Diego Unified School District as my father was a Dean for the San Diego Community College District.

     In 2003, I started a campaign to have a new school built under proposition MM to have my father’s name on it.  We were blessed not only to have one school named after my father, but the former Kennedy Elementary School in San Diego, which was also rebuilt named after my father.  They are both one school but they are called the North and South Campus.

     When the South campus was dedicated and  the ribbon cutting ceremony was held, I donated a painting of my father from the 70’s to be placed in the South Campus office.  The painting of my father was the only one the school had.  Many of the children did not know who Walter Porter was, and they did not know that he had been an advocate for education and for the youth. 
Invitation Flyer to the Unveiling
Dr. Walter J. Porter
Walter Porter with his dummy “Jody”
Ventriloquist in the 50’s & 60’s in Los Angeles

     The Portraits above were revealed on Friday, December 9, 2011. The Porter family and community had two Masterpiece Pencil  Portraits that were made by Clarence “Pencilman” Pointer.
     Clarence captured the spirit of my father through his eyes in the solo photo.The North Campus auditorium was filled with at least 100 students, many parents, and community members to see the unveiling.  The students were receiving awards for their outstanding  academic achievements.

       During the unveiling, Dr. Shirley Weber, an educator at San Diego State University, former board member of the San Diego Unified School District, spoke about the life of Walter Porter.  She spoke to the children letting them know that even though Wally had not been a President of the U.S.,  a Senator, or someone that had a big National position, he did have big dreams, and he advocated so that these students would have a future.  Wally’s spirit can be felt today by all the things Wally cared about.

     The Porter family and community had two Masterpiece Pencil  Portraits that were made by Clarence “Pencilman” Pointer.  Clarence captured the spirit of my father through his eyes in the solo photo.

Holding two of the Portraits that were unveiled

     After the ceremony, a reception followed:  More pictures to come of the unveiling and the children receiving awards.