Second Grade Teacher Visits My Home

     My mother was an elementary school teacher in the San Diego City Schools District.  For almost two years of my life, my mother took me to one of the schools she had taught at (Encanto Elementary).  I went to this school in the middle of second  and attended the full third grade year.  I did not enjoy attending the same school my mother taught at because the expectations for me were higher and it seemed like I was always in trouble.

     (Anyway)  better thoughts….
     My mother enjoyed entertaining in our home, and this one particular occasion (which I forget) my teacher Miss Reid visited our home.  I remember her as being a nice teacher, but she was also very strict.  She was big on us learning math and spelling…That is for sure!
Miss Reid and Me
2nd Grade Teacher
     My mother had just cut my hair before I arrived at Encanto Elementary.  My hair had went all the way down my back.  My mother cut my hair because I had gotten in trouble for doing some ballet turns in class and she said I thought I was cute.  So I guess this was to fix me.  I think what it did was hurt my self-esteem. Well anyway, I forgave her, I survived and whenever I need a life change I cut all my hair off. I wonder where I got that from?

     I don’t know what became of Miss Reid, but I do know she did marry.   

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