About The Author

Yvette Porter Moore

Yvette Porter Moore is a native Californian and has lived in San Diego for 41 years. She is a proud parent of 3 adult children and one teenager, and can also call herself a grandmother with three grandchildren, who all reside in Arizona.

Yvette has degrees in Cross-Cultural Studies and Human Development but forfeited a career to be a stay-at-home mother to her four children. As a result, Yvette has held various jobs to work around her children’s schooling. She has worked for elective officials in state government, substituted as a special education assistant at various schools in the La Mesa Spring Valley School district, worked at various agencies advocating for teenage pregnant and young parents. Yvette’s last temporary position was working for the U.S. Bureau ensuring that everyone was counted for the Census 2010. Yvette currently takes care of her elderly “Uncle” on a full time basis.

Yvette has also successfully campaigned to have an Elementary School in San Diego to be named after her late-father, Dr. Walter J. Porter, and during the process formed The Walter J. Porter Educational & Community Foundation to support extracurricular activities at the school.

Yvette’s current interests are African American History with emphasis in Genealogy. Yvette was adopted at 4 months old and she has successfully reunited with her biological mother and her Father’s family, over 21 years ago. Yvette is currently tracing her birth family’s heritage and researching the ancestry of her parents that raised her.

With Yvette’s background in genealogy, Yvette has traveled to Sugarhill Harlem, NY; Worcester, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and Orlando Florida to research various historical archives, on the ancestry of her mother’s family, The Cully’s.

Yvette Porter Moore is currently interviewing individuals and researching in order to write a book about her mother’s family. The book is titled, “The Cully’s-An African American Legacy.”

Yvette has been a member of various civic and non-profit organizations over the years, but as she likes to say that she is on Sabbatical, she has condensed her list to one organization, “The San Diego African American Genealogical Research Group” of which she is the Membership Chair.

Yvette is currently attending Boston University Genealogy Certificate Program Online in order to develop the necessary skills to become proficient in the field.

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