My Surnames

My Birth Family:
Paternal: Howard, Paulette, Mitchell, Truby, Griffin, Bradley
Maternal: Espinoza, Munoz, Gonzales, Sanchez, Sandoval, Villanueva, Ryan, Patino
My Parents Family:

Paternal: Bunn, Criner, Harp, Jones, Watkins, Jackson

MaternalBarker, Bradock, Brock,Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Buggs, Carter, Clark,Collins, Dove, Ellis, Fenner, Foreman,  Gilliam, Gilliard, George, Godette, Harkley, Hairston, Hariston,Hayes, Hines, Humphrey, Hyman, Jones, Martin, Middleton, Mitchell, Moore, Nelson, Pace, Payne, Peters, Ray, Remson, Richards, Richardson, Robinson, Scott, Singleton, Taylor, Walker, Windley, Whittington,Willoughby, Wilson


4 thoughts on “My Surnames

  1. Hi,
    We the (DOVE) family have been blessed richly as we read the stories of your ancestors.
    As you have plans to vist New Bern, NC. the summer of 2012, the “Dove” family are in hopes to meet you.

  2. Greetings I am a descendant of Absalom Martin. My third cousin Jacob Martin married Izora Whittington, I have been researching the lineage for over 20 years and today I found this wonderful site…. we share so many surnames….. looking forward to hearing from you have a blessed day!

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