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Nancy E Hartley or Harkley?

Hartley or Harkley, That is the Question?

     My Great Great Grandmother Nancy E. (Hartley) or as her surname was known to me, was going to remain as that, as long as I didn’t have enough proof that it could be (Harkley). I also was focusing on the Cully branch and figured that it was taking too much effort for me to find anything on Nancy.  One of the few documents that I did find with Nancy’s Maiden Name was her Wedding Bond, registered with Craven County, North Carolina County Clerk and the one registered with the State of North Carolina, (and mind you, it was not even the original document, but one that had been transcribed).

Nancy & William Cully North Carolina Collection

Well whenever you are doing scholarly research and publishing your results, it is always open to criticism, as questions can and will be raised.  Well, my distant cousin-in-law, Debra Newton-Carter, the genealogist/and writer of In Black and White:Cross-Cultural Genealogy, questioned my latest post Cully Surname Part #2.  

Debra stated, “Go to the New Bern-Craven County Public Library site for the book & page number for the marriage bond: http://newbern.cpclib.org/research/marriage/marreg2.asp
Also, while it records her name as Nancy Hartley, she is most likely a Harkley. They are also related to Carters, Georges and Moores, and I know several of the family from the George Family Reunions.”

I had already done what she said on prior occasions as we both use many of the same resources, but I know she was trying to make a point so this is what I posted in response:

@Debra, I have noticed that the Harkley’s are related to all the Surnames listed, however, I have not found anything over the years listing Nancy as a Harkley. I have looked at originals and it say Hartley. If you can find this relation and that it really is a misspelling please show me as it really would be most helpful. I believe I found someones tree with Harkley but I told them it was Hartley. I will relook. Thank you for your continued scholarship.

I could have left it at that, but one thing that Debra had stated that stuck with me in one of her blog posts regarding proving  through documents was:

 Sometimes we attach sentimental value upon a loved one’s suppositions that we find difficult to relinquish. . . . but accurate research must be verified by the artifacts and documents left behind, leaving a trace of their existence and contribution to a way of life deemed foreign to us today. “

I knew I must follow through, and find whatever evidence I had to prove or disprove Nancy’s Maiden Surname.

So, even though I had seen other documents in the past with Harkley, I decided, I would focus on those and look at the originals, and not just the transcribed documents.  This is what I found:

In the North Carolina Death and Burial record for Melvina C. Robinson, Nancy E. Harkley and William H Cully was listed as her parents.  I already knew who her parents were, but had to look at the maiden name of Nancy..I also looked at the original and it had the “K” and not the “T” in her surname.

Melvina C. Robinson Death Record
(Transcribed)Listed Mother (Nancy E. Harkley)

Melvina C. Robinson Death Certificate
Original Document

Nancy E. Harkley and William H Cully were listed on Sarah F. Whittington original Death Certificate as her parents.

Sara F. Whittington Death Certificate
Daughter of William Cully & Nancy E. Harkley

I went another step to find any records on Nancy Harkley, and could only at this time go as far back as 1850. Nancy Harkley was listed in the household with the Godett’s and she was 17 yrs at the time.

Nancy Harkley in 1850 US Census w/Godett’s

Based on the documentation, It is most likely that Nancy E. is a “Harkley” and not a “Hartley”. When it comes to research, you must be willing to give up some of your old unproven beliefs and be willing to discover what is the truth, that is if you want accurate information attached to your family tree.

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Daily Journal: Cully Family Genealogy

Edgecombe, Sugar Hill, NY APT building Grandparents lived  in 1920’s

Today took a very interesting and a welcoming change in my Research, Writing, and Blogging.

I have finally realized I cannot do another thing until I organize my years of printing and saving documents.

Over the next few months, I am going to be organizing, sorting, scanning, filing, all of my Family Research information.  I have been researching the Cully Family since 2004 electronically and have not done the documentation required to keep up with the material or at least share it with individuals such as Debra Newton-Carter and Michaud Robinson who have interest in my papers as we both have family connections.

I have been doing Family  Search and Research in general since I was 18 years old in 1986.  I did not know there was a name for it until the year 2000. 

Since I have been researching the Cully Family, my Goal is to write two books within the next few years.  They are: The Cully Family: An African American Story and Embraced Identity.

I want to personally thank Debra Newton-Carter of In Black and White: Cross-Cultural Genealogy.  She has agreed to help with some of the documents and put them in some type of order so that I may focus more on my writing.

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Daily Journal July 8, 2011

Journaling @ Jackie Robinson Park in NY during my Research Trip, June 2010

 I am finally seeing the importance of keeping a Genealogical diary or journal.  One of the individuals I have met through Geneabloggers keeps a daily journal  Randy Seaver of The Geneaholic.  I see that it can be very helpful when one is researching. Journaling allows you to have a record of your research, your thoughts about the research, what you’ve are looking for and what you have found.  So, tonight, I have decided to at least begin to list some of those things at the end of each night.

  1. I purchased my website domain through GoDaddy.com and my new website is http://www.rootdiggergriot.com//
  2. I called technical support at GoDaddy to find out how to link my blog with my website.
  3. I made a list of what I will be posting next on my blog.
  4. I FB with my Birth Mother and she stated that I should talk to her first about my family history.  I basically have been drawing from my recollection of what I was told, so as always I must have documentation. This is a big step forward with my Mom and I, as I believe she is going to open up to me more.
  5. I left an email message to Michaud Robinson, who was introduced to me as my cousin by Debra Newton-Carter.
  6.  I listened to Geneablogger Web Radio tonight and won a Genealogical Magazine that has information about Genealogy certification.
  7. I have decided to attend the University of Boston for the Genealogy Certification, beginning in January 2012.
  8. I will probably lay out what I am going to post tomorrow and off to sleep.

Follow Friday: Follow Me While I Follow You!

Everyone want’s to be followed…Follow me on Twitter, Follow me on Facebook, and then Follow me on Blogger!

We Just want to be followed!

To participate in Follow Friday,  simply create a post in which you recommend another genealogy blogger, a specific blog post, a genealogy website or a genealogy resource.  Tell us why they are important to the genealogy community and why we should follow. (Geneabloggers)

I didn’t think I had anything to contribute to Follow Friday,  but then I thought about Debra Newton Carter of “In The Black and White Cross Cultural Genealogy Blog.
We have reason to believe that we are related by a common ancestor. This is what Debra posted to her blog:

I am led to believe that we are connected through our 2nd Cousin by marriage, Joseph Benjamin “Joe B.” Culley, and Ambrose Culley. After consulting with another Carter/Culley cousin, Michaud Robinson, we are led to believe that they were first cousins.

Ben and Ambrose must be first cousins. Their fathers, James and William Cully, were apprenticed on the same day and always lived close to each other. James and William might have had other siblings. There is an Eliza and Adam Cully who are close in age to them.

I have been researching the Cully family for at least seven years and have documentation upon documentation that I need to make sense of, which my new found cousin, Debra is very good at.  

I follow other blogs for one reason or another…I follow maybe because the blogger is researching and is an expert of a certain city, town, county, etc., such as Harlem + Bespoke which totally focuses on businesses, buildings, parks, people, etc of Harlem from a historical standpoint.  I like this blog because my mother was from Sugar Hill, Harlem, New York and I draw some of my information from some of the bloggers research.

I also like to follow Genealogy Tip of the Day by Michael John Neill because I can always learn some new tips to help me in my research and what to do with all of it.

What I have discovered is that none of us are out there or here on our own.  We need each other to make this thing called family research easier.  We all have information to share, so I say “Follow You! and Follow Me!”