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Follow Friday & Those Places Tuesday on Saturday: Come with me and Visit New Bern, North Carolina

I am dedicating this blog post to my genealogy friend and Colleague Andrea Kelleher of How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey  I was swept in by her recent post Those Places Thursday on Sunday: Donnell Hyde Farm, NC

I thought that her idea of using Youtube video’s was a wonderful idea in sharing the history of the towns that our Ancestors lived.  I really wanted to follow her lead and decided to do the same. I am attaching a few  videos of New Bern, North Carolina that I thought was very informative as my family has had deep roots within this historical community.

This first video tells a little  bit about the firsts of Historic New Bern and takes you to the historic homes and buildings within the area.  The video also shares background information of each home and who were the original owners.

This next film is of a Battle of New Bern Reenactment. This battle is reenacted every year. The Union Troops subdued the Confederate Troops early on.

For more information of New Bern, NC history go to this link as a starting point. New Bern North Carolina History

Those Places Thursday: The Apollo Theater

     I went to Harlem for the first time in June of 2010 to visit the places my mother had frequented as she was growing up in New York.

     During my research trip to Harlem, New York, one of the places I visited was the Apollo Theater, and I had the opportunity to attend “Amateur Night at the Apollo” two times.  It was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to visiting again.

My mother is on this video talking about the executioner Stagehand Norman Miller, who created the character “Porto Rico” for the Amateur Night in the 1930’s.

Comedian Capone of Amateur Night & Me
To read about the Apollo click Link:  Amateur Night History & Legacy

Those Places Thursday: Jazz from Copenhagen, Denmark to San Diego, California

Every year Henry Hodge, my father’s best friend from St. Louis, Missouri would go to Copenhagen for the Jazz Festival, spend time with his girlfriend, and Jazz Artist Friends.

Henry has a collection of the yearly Copenhagen Jazz Festival Postcards, so I decided to post a few of them as there are too many to share.

While in Copenhagen, Henry Hodge met Jazz artists such as Ed Thigpen.  An American drummer that played with Oscar Peterson Trio and many other greats.  Ed moved to Copenhagen in 1972.

Ed Thigpen’s Obituary

Ed Thigpen was born December 28, 1930 and died January 13, 2010.

Richard Boone was another artist my uncle, Henry Hodge met and socialized with in Copenhagen.  Richard Boone was also an American Jazz artist and a Scat singer that moved to Copenhagen.  

Richard Boone was born February 24, 1930 and died February 8, 1999.

More about Richard Boone

My Father Dr. Wally Porter, Richard Boone, Ed Thigpen, Henry Hodge
Photo from the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper
Ed Thigpen & Richard Boone

Ed Thigpen & Richard Boone came to San Diego a few times to visit.  I distinctly remember one Summer when they came to visit Henry Hodge at his home in the the late 80’s.

It was customary for Henry to have a Summer gathering, and these were his special guests.  I was familiar with Ed Thigpen and Richard Boone as I would hear conversations among my parents and Henry.  My father Wally Porter and Henry Hodge had been entertaining jazz artists in their homes through the years, and I am so appreciative that I have been exposed to this.

Ed Thigpen & my mother Betty Porter
Henry Hodge, Richard Boone, unidentified gentleman
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