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Orphan Photo #5 and #6: Men in Suits

One of the frustrating things about going through your ancestors photo-books, is that many times their descendants can not identify everyone.  I am not sure if the two men in suits below are relatives, but the likely hood of them being family is great.

These pictures were from my Grandmother Helen Bunn Thompson’s photo-book.  These photos were either taken in St. Louis, Missouri or Little Rock Arkansas.  There is no writing on the back or the name of the photo shop that took the portraits.  I may have to speak to some older relatives to see if they can identify.

Orphan Photo #3

     I came across this photo in my mother’s collection.  I do not have any background information on this little girl, but on the back of the photo, it appears that her name is: Theda Fern.  I am guessing that this picture was taken in New York, but I could be wrong.

Actual Photo

Close-up Photo

If you see a different name, please let me know.

Theda Fern

Wordless Wednesday: Orphan Photo #2

     I believe this photo was taken in the late 50’s or early 60’s in Los Angeles, CA.  Not sure if they are family members or friends of my parents.  If anyone can identify, let me know.

     On Second thought, The lady standing to the right with the red dress on, looks like my mother, but my mother  would be in her 30’s.  I have never met her paternal side of the family, so it is possible that they are “Peters.”  If this is the case, the location of this gathering could be Detroit, Mi, Washington D.C. or possibly Chicago, IL.
Family Gathering
Individuals Unknown