My Day with my Grandson and Blog Design Under Construction Again

My grandson Keith

     I spent Friday with my grandson and my two daughters.  We went to the mall to get some clothing for  picture day as my grandson Keith and his mother are moving to Arizona to be with his father.  I wanted to spend a few days with him before he left.  After we picked out our matching attire, purchasing it at the counter, we walked out the mall towards the car.  As we walked out, there were lights and noise coming from a circus big tent and we all looked at each other and said, “Let’s Go!”  And guess what?  That is exactly what we did.  Sometimes it is so refreshing to just step out of your daily routine and just do it!  We had a magnificent time.

     Keith, my grandson practically got every souvenir that they were selling and this was his first time attending a Mexican Circus!  We had never seen three bikes encased in a circular sphere riding round and round at 65 miles per hour speed…2 bikes yes, but 3 bikes no!  The few animals they had; the lamas and camel were adorable.  I think many circuses are cutting back on using animals since it is controversial as to their treatment.  It has been almost 20 years since I had been to a circus, as many animal activists had boycotted, so I boycotted too.

3 bikes in the Sphere

I am playing around with the style of my blog, because I am noticing that it is easier to read a blog that is in black print rather than in white.  I would really like some opinions as to what makes someone stay on a bloggers page and read the material.

I think it is easier on the eyes to make the blog simple.  If you have few words then all the colors and pictures might be perfect, but if you want people to read your material, I think it may need to be simple.

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2 thoughts on “My Day with my Grandson and Blog Design Under Construction Again

  1. I think there are many elements that make me want to follow a blog's contents:

    1. The wallpaper should offset the page so that the white is not so blinding to the eye, making the eyes tire easily. If you're like me, and I know you are, you're reading lots of other stuff during the day. Reading blogs and conducting research are relaxation times (at least for me)…

    2. The print should be clear and readable…style and size of type…

    3. Shorter paragraphs broken up by some space…using paragraph or section headers in bold print…

    4. The color and style should reflect the author's personality…or the feeling you want your reader to get when they are on your blog…

    5. Sit back and take a look at the page…do the textual elements of your page stand out, or are other elements distracting…

    6. Writing style is another factor…

    7. Also, when I was researching blog design style before I began my blog, Susan Gunelius of's Guide to Blogging recommended that bloggers not change their format too frequently because readers need to have a sense of continuity when returning to their favorite blogs. If you haven't read any of the articles on her blog, I would recommend it. I found it to be very helpful when I started out.

    Only you can design according to your personal style…but I hope this helps.

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