Wordless Wednesday: Betty Porter, Bike Ride

I love this photo of my mother Betty Porter on her bike.  She was 33 at the time and living in Los Angeles, CA.  In 1960, my parents lived in the hills of Montecito Dr.  I just recently visited the neighborhood, and discovered that the home they had lived in and my first childhood home had been demolished along with quite a few others.   This photo was taken May 1960.  I wonder if my father took the photo, and possibly knew how to ride a bike too.

I remember my mother saying once you learn to ride a bike, you always know how to ride it.  The thing is, I never saw my mother ride before, but she always encouraged my brother and I too.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Betty Porter, Bike Ride

  1. I love this picture of your mom! I, too, wonder what she is looking at, yet I feel a sense of happiness.

    Happy New Year, Yvette! I love the new blog. What made you change over from blogger?

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