Santa Clause, Advent Calendar December 6, 2011, Christmas Memories

     I don’t think I ever stopped believing in Santa Clause…Call me crazy, but once I figured out that Santa was just a character, I also knew that it was the spirit of giving, that personified  “Santa.”

     Growing up, my brother and I would set out cookies for Santa to eat, and even when we knew Santa was our parents, we still left him some on a plate with some milk.

     I would hope that I would hear the reindeer up on the housetop, and maybe catch Santa delivering packages, but it just never happened.

     My mother would always put a tag on our presents and write “From Santa.”  She would wait until we were fast asleep (which really never happened), and then would place all our presents, at least eleven each under the tree. My favorite part of Christmas was to be chosen to be “Santa.”  Whoever was appointed Santa, would hand out the presents and everyone would watch and see what was given.
     The photo’s below are of my parents Walter and Betty Porter with Santa Clause.  These are one of my favorite photos of them.  They were both in their 70’s and were probably at a fundraiser Christmas party.

My Dad
Walter J. Porter w/Santa

My Mom w/Santa
Betty Mae Porter

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