Christmas Cards, Advent Calendar December 4, 2011, Christmas Memories

     Sending Christmas and Holiday Cards was a tradition for the Porter Family.  A month or so before the holidays, my mother would go to the local stationary store and order Holiday Cards for friends, family and colleagues with the family name inscribed inside.  She would order at least five-hundred every year, as my parents were socially and civically active.  My mother preferred Holiday cards over Christmas cards as it would allow her more time to send them off before the New Year. Mother would always type a Christmas Letter and include it with the card and personalize some of the letters when she had extra to say.  As you can see, my mother held the family tradition down.

     My favorite memory about Christmas and Holiday Cards, was receiving them.  My parents received at least half back of what they sent.  My brother and I would take turns taping the cards to construction paper that my mother decorated the walls with (she was a school teacher).  When the wall became too full, we would put them on the pool table and set them up.

     I enjoy sending cards out now, but because most people send cards through email, my participation in sending them through the mail has slowed down tremendously. Most people tend not to reciprocate as years past, so it seems that the memory of receiving and sending cards will be just that.

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