Christmas Tree Ornaments, Advent Calendar December 3, 2011-Christmas Memories

   Thinking about Christmas Tree Ornaments from years-past, stirred different emotions in my heart, because the ornaments that I can remember changed during the different stages of my life, and they held different meanings.  Many of the ornaments hanging on the tree as little children (the one’s we made) for our parents and the ones we picked out year after year added to the collection.  We would have the large multi-colored ball ornaments, candy-canes, and varying character ornaments like Betty Boop, Winnie the Pooh, but mainly traditional ones.

     There was a time as a teenager, when many of our collected ornaments were destroyed by field mice that came up from the canyon and chewed their ways through the cardboard box (this truly was the wrong way to store our treasured ornaments.)  Some of them were saved but we started over with many new ones.  Many we still made.  As we grew up, the ornaments were handed down to the child that cared about them the most (me).

     As I began my family, I built upon the ornaments I grew up with, and added my children’s.  The one’s I loved the most, were the ones they made.  I loved the ones that were ceramic and had their pictures glued in the middle.  We would make popcorn garland, and sometimes add ribbons in the tree.  Every year we would would have each child, pick out and buy a special  ornament  to add to the tree.  (I remember one year we had McDonald’s Dalmatian Puppy Ornaments filling our tree).

     When my parents entered into their Winter years and passed away, I inherited boxes of things that took me years to go through, so I decided to free myself and sell them at the Swap Meet. I will always regret that I took the box of ornaments and without looking at what was in the box sold it for $20.00.  Without realizing, I sold all the ornaments that my brother and I made and the ones my children made. I grieved for a long time, and I still do.
     This may be the reason why I haven’t been too thrilled about having a Christmas Tree, but this year I purchased one.  My daughter and I went to Big Lots (on a tight budget) and purchased boxes of ornaments to start all over again.  We decided that we would jump start our tradition over again and purchase a special ornament this year that expresses who we are and what we like.  I look forward to see what my daughter chooses, as I begin to figure what I want.

     So basically, it is never to start over and it is never too late to begin or restart a tradition; and if you are fortunate enough to pass down the most special ornaments to the next generation, that will be a most treasured gift.

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