Family Christmas Trees, Advent Calendar December 1, 2011

      I wish I had the opportunity to know what Christmas was like for my Ancestors.  When I decided to participate in the Advent Calendar Christmas prompts, I began looking through photo’s to see if I could find any with Christmas Trees.  This is the first photo I found, and was pleasantly surprised that it was a photo of my grandmother Agnes and her sister Zara, who you could vaguely see sitting on the couch to the right.  What a wonderful find.  
Agnes Cully Peters (Standing up)  & Zara Cully Brown
December  1957
Los Angeles, California
     The Christmas Holidays has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  When I was growing up in the 1970’s through 1980’s, my mother would alternate every other year with a fake tree or a fresh cut Christmas Tree.  I especially enjoyed the fresh cut one the best.  The smell of pine throughout the house always gave the home an outdoorsy feel.

      When we were very young my mother and father would wrap the tree with lights, and garland, then they would give my brother and I the honor to help decorate the tree. As we got older, it became a competitive game as to see who could put the most ornaments on, and in the right places.  My brother was much taller, so he tended to always get the top.

     When we had the whole tree decorated, my father would lift me up to put the star or angel on the top of the tree.  Then my brother would turn on the lights as the living room light went off.  What a beautiful sight!  The lights would blink off and on with various colors and the decorations would shimmer in the dark.  What beauty to behold!  

     Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How lovely are your branches?    

     I would then pick up the “Three Wise Men” musical statue and turn the knob on the back as Silent Night played then I would join in with the tune and sing the song.

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