Charles Irving Peters: The Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia- #2

Waldo Hotel
Clarksburg, West Virginia

This is an update from my past post Charles Irving Peters: The Waldo Hotel, Post #1

I want to give  a shout out to the Facebook World…I recently joined a group “Revive the Waldo Hotel” Clarksburg, WV on fb.  I had posted a question as to where I might find more information on the History of the Waldo..(My grandfather Charles I Peters worked there in 1918-1922.)

I received a response to my post:   I haven’t seen any other than what is online. But you could check with the Waldomore by the library. They may have something. There is a lack of combined info about the hotel other than basic history. I think it would be great to get some personal stories collected and put into a book of some sort. I think the group has talked about doing this actually.

Then this morning, I was pleasantly greeted with a message with some information that is very helpful to add to the story of my ancestor’s living arrangements at the Waldo.

Yvette, I saw your post on the Waldo site and I just wanted to pass on to you a small tidbit of information.
The” servants quarters” were on the attic level of the Waldo, between the 2 towers on the Pike St. side of the building. Your grandfather would have been housed there. Each tower has a large room within, with a lavatory. There is a hallway leading to each room. None of it was as elaborate as the rest of the building, but it would have been suitable. Nathan Goff was a reportedly fair man, and I’m sure he would’ve treated his employees with respect.

It is clear to me that Jim Crow was alive and well in 1918-1922 in Clarksburg, West Virginia and trying to understand the culture and its people in this historical context will be very helpful in telling the story of my grandfather’s life during this time period.  I am sure the colored servants and employees were treated well, but they were still a subservient class.  Knowing that my grandfather had attended Virginia State University, and yet and still was only able to succeed to a certain level shows the effect of Jim Crow.

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