Charles Irving Peters: The Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, West Virginia #1

      I am on a mission to find out more information about my grandfather Charles Irving Peters. I am taking the time to focus on him and study his documents.  For this post, I looked at the detail information on his WWI Draft Registration Card.  I would like to develop a story about Charles, so doing further research will allow me to build on what is already written in black & white.

     According to the WWI Draft Document, Charles was residing at 110 W. Pike, Clarksburg, West Virginia on June 5, 1918.  The Draft form also documented that he worked at the Waldo Hotel at the same location, 110 W Pike, Clarksburg, West Virginia.  He was 21 years old at the time.
***Also noted is that Charles’ nearest relative is his mother Mrs. Betty Peters residing at 109 Catherine St, Sistersville, West Virginia. (Will be a separate post).

     This information is nice to have, but I needed to go the extra step and see what the Waldo Hotel looked like.  As I gather bits and pieces, I will at a later date be able to weave historical information into the life of my grandfather.  So with this in mind, I began to google and search for information on the Waldo Hotel.

     I did not find as much info as I wanted to, but as time goes on…I am sure I will discover more through the archives, that may possibly hold photos and documents of the events held at the Waldo.  I hope that I can get a glimpse of the Waldo in 1918-1920.  I am also interested in the Negro employees that held jobs at the hotel.

Postcard of the Waldo Hotel
110 W. Pike, Clarksburg WV

     The Waldo Hotel history runs deep in the County of Harrison.  The Waldo is located in the Downtown Historic District of Clarksburg, West Virginia.

    The Waldo was a place where people near and far would come and celebrate.  There would be parties, weddings, dances, social events, civic & political gatherings and events of all sorts.  The Waldo was known for its Southern style and its hospitality.  Construction began on the Waldo in 1901 and was completed in 1904, and financed by Nathan Goff Jr., and then named after his father Waldo P. Goff. When it no longer operated as a hotel it was later used as apartments.

     In the heyday of the hotel the basement housed a Billiard Room, Barber Shop, Wine Cellar and Laundry room.  Knowing my grandfather, I would like to think he worked in the Billiard Room.  As my mother put it “He would gamble his money away, and when he won, he won big, but when he lost, he lost big.”  But looking at the 1920 U.S. Census, Charles’ was documented as a bellboy.

Map of Clarksburg, WV
courtesy of Wikipedia

     In the 20th Century, Clarksburg was an Industrial and manufacturing town.  Glass and coal were some of the main industries in the city.

Waldo Hotel
In Need of Revitalization

The Waldo Hotel is in disarray.  The inside is totally disintegrating.  To see photo’s of the interior, exterior and historical shots of the Waldo visit the  Abandoned blog.  

The Waldo Hotel

There is currently a campaign to Save The Waldo. Visit Revitalization of The Waldo Hotel, to learn more about the revitalization plan.

Please check out my updated post on the Waldo Hotel.

Post #2 The Waldo Hotel (New Update)

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