not so Wordless Wednesday: Zara Gale Buggs Taylor

     This is a photo taken by my mother, Betty M Peters of our cousin Zara Gale Buggs when she was 9 months old in December of 1946.  I am unsure where it was taken but it is possible it was in New York or Florida as my mother did not move to Los Angeles until the 50’s.  My mother was 20 at the time she took this photo.  Betty put the apple in Zara’s hand as a to be a scale to the size of her hand.
     Zara Gale was born to Mary Gale Brown & John Allen Buggs on March 28, 1946.
     Zara Gale was the third generation of females in direct-line to be named Zara (documented).  Her  3G  Grandmother Zara Jones and her Grandmother Zara F Cully Brown  both carried the same given name as it skipped one generation at a time.  Zara Gale’s Grand-daughter was also named Zara.  Zara Gale Buggs Taylor passed away before the creation of Zara Taylor.
It is possible that there were other Zara’s between those generations…but as of yet I have to discover.  There are Sarah’s in-between those generations and it is very possible that they were called Zara as on Zara F Cully Brown’s Birth certificate had Sarah.
My Sweetheart Zara Gale
9 Months Old
December 1946

(Naming of ZARA Maternal Line)

Zara Jones Humphrey & Benjamin Ellis-Nelson

Hannah Nelson & Daniel Gilliam

Nora Ann Gilliam & Ambrose E. Cully

Zara Frances Cully & James M Brown

Mary Gale Brown & John Allen Buggs

Zara Gale Buggs & William Roscoe Taylor II

William Roscoe Taylor III & Cherissa Acosta

Zara Taylor

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