Amanuensis Monday: The Death of Mattie Bernice Dove

Researching People, their names, their relationships, their communities, and the places they live, I discovered this death certificate of Mattie B Dove. I have come across many documents of the sort, but I rarely see a Certificate of Death that lists homicide as the cause.

Mattie B Dove Death Certificate
     In The County of Craven, Township #8, of the City of New Bern, North Carolina, Mattie B. Dove of T-2 340 Craven Terrace, New Bern, NC died at the Craven County Hospital on 08 March 1967.
     Mattie was a female, negro and married.  Her date of birth was 18 August 1933 and she died at the age of 33.  Her mother was Ethel Morris with no father named. Her husband was Alvin Dove.
     Mattie’s immediate cause of death was *Decubitus ulcers and emaciation due to transection of the spinal cord.  The interval between onset and death of both was five (5) months.  Her death was determined to be a homicide as a man pushed her on the back of her head and neck.  The date of her injury was *15 October 1966, and happened probably on the street in New Bern, NC.
     Mattie was buried on 13 March 1967 at the Trenton Cemetery in Trenton, Jones County, North Carolina.

Mattie’s death certificate was filed on April 6, 1967.

*Decubitus Ulcers are “bed sores” or pressure sores from being in a laying down position for long periods of time.  For more information on transection of the Spinal Cord go to this link Here

This is a supplemental report to the cause of death (Homicide)
Mattie Dove.
Information on Ancestry

Item 20a completed for HOMICIDE

As per newspaper clipping attached (from Sun Journal New Bern N.C. of 5/24/67.

Grand Jury Cites
Negro in Murder

A true bill of indictment charging Franklin Hoskins, Negro of New Bern, with murder was returned here this week by the Craven County Grand jury, according to court records.
He is charged with the capital crime in the death of Mattie Dove, Negro of New Bern here on *October 14, 1966.

*There is a conflict between the Death Certificate and the newspaper article as to the date of the crime by one day October 14, 1966 or October 15, 1966.

Further investigation I found that Mattie’s middle name was Bernice.

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One thought on “Amanuensis Monday: The Death of Mattie Bernice Dove

  1. Mrs. Porter,

    Thanks for article and posting regarding my mother, Mattie Bernice Dove. I read your maternal surnames and you mention a Dove relative in your family history. I am very interest in your research concerning my mother , your Dove relative and your relationship to my mother. Please contact me.

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