Wordless Wednesday: New York Worlds Fair (1939-1940)

I have other pictures of this day when my mother and her childhood friends attended the NY Worlds Fair during Negro Week in 1940.  The only one of her friends that I knew very well growing up was Pat.  She remained friends until my mother’s death in 2004.

Betty Peters @ New York Worlds Fair
Negro Week in 1940
Flushing Meadows, NY
(L to R)
Louis, Jacinth, Nickie, Betty, Pat

If you want to know more about the NY Worlds Fair go to these sites.

There are finding aids of the New York Worlds Fair at the New York Public Library (Negro Week).

******Exploring the 1939-1940 NY Worlds Fair Collection  (Thank You to Beverly A Harper for this link)

New York World Fair

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: New York Worlds Fair (1939-1940)

  1. It's always so interesting to me to see photos of young black girls from years earlier than the 70s. I wonder what kind of conversations they had, how they got around, how they dealt with the disrespect they encountered, and so much more. I see their faces and they look like nice girls but, I just wonder what their thoughts were. I'm so nosey! LOL! Very nice Yvette!

  2. Thank you Tracy for leaving a message. If you ever have time, look at the journals that I posted of my mother that took place in 1941-1943. If you go to the tag words, you will see them on the right further down below (Betty Peters 1942 Journal)

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