Amanuensis Monday: Muriel Arrington Ferguson

I posted this photo awhile back but the correspondence was not attached at the time, so I thought I would do another post.

Muriel Arrington & Betty Peters with their dates
Betty’s dress made by Agnes Peters

Dear Betty

I promised you I would send you a copy of this picture.

It goes back a long way.  I don’t even remember where and when it was taken!

Oh how young we were.  We certainly don’t look the same.-but we have had long, interesting and fruitful lives Thank God.

You seem to have a better memory than I have.  Maybe you can remember where and when.

I hope and pray you are doing well and enjoying….

…all the good times you and Walter enjoyed with each other and with your children in your home and with your many friends.

This picture is the past and will remind you how you had fun then and how much more you have had since then.


Your friend, Muriel.

Oh how I wish my mother was still here.  I would have so much to ask her.  Oh how I miss her, and I guess I always will.

2 thoughts on “Amanuensis Monday: Muriel Arrington Ferguson

  1. Which one is your mother? Any idea who the men are?

    I'm fortunate that my mother is still here to ask questions of. The problem is that she knows very little about her own family and just slightly more about my dad's. But every once in awhile I'm able to prompt a memory.

  2. The girl on the right is my mother. I think my mom mentioned this evening in her journal. I will need to check and possibly find my answer.

    I asked my mom whens she showed me this years ago, but I forgot. Oh well.

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