Thriller Thursday: Killings in Eight States

The Landmark, Statesville, North Carolina
Asheville Citizen
1899, Sept

Killings in Eight States

Asheville Citizen

L.W.W. Mannaway, an influential negro of the South, has made a record of the lynchings in eight Southern States from January 1, 1899, to August 1, and it stands this way: Georgia 22, Arkansas 15, Texas 14, Louisiana 13, Mississippi 13, Tennessee 8, Alabama 5, Florida 5. Total 95. Of these 30-all negroes-were charged with assault. There were nine white men and one white woman lynched in these States, one in Arkansas, five in Louisiana (?), and four in Texas, one of these being a woman. In these States during the same period 73 negroes were killed by negroes, 42 white men by white men, nine white men were killed by negroes, 11 negroes by white men. It will be seen that independent of the lynchings 84 negroes and 51 white men have been killed in the States named inside of seven months. Two of the lynchings in Florida were by negro mobs. Two negroes were acquitted in Georgia charged with killing white men, and in Tennessee a white man was sent to the penitentiary for killing a negro woman, and he was a wealthy white man at that. Of the 86 negroes lynched only 30 were charged with assault, showing that lawlessness cannot be confined to the punishment of one crime.

     I was sent a message from a cousin asking me if I was going to do a commentary on this post…Frankly, I wasn’t but I realized that it could be taken out of context.  I posted because I thought it was a historical crime of cruelty…Lynchings are not seen as a cause against unlawfulness.  If it were, the term hanging would have been used.  The term “Lynching” is the illegal execution of an accused person by a mob.  The term lynching was derived or originated from the name “Charles Lynch” (1736-1796) , a  justice of the peace who administered rough justice in Virginia. Lynching was originally a system of punishment used by whites against African American slaves. However, whites who protested against this were also in danger of being lynched.

     This article is showing the unlawful crime of illegal execution (lynching) by whom, to whom, and including the numbers in the states that they occurred.  The rest of the article is stating the other killings outside of lynchings, by whom, to whom and the numbers and in the states the killing occurred.  

     So there were some lynchings done by negro’s against whites, and I think it was done out of protest to what had happened to their own people.  Lynchings are never justified…but yes it happened the other way around, but the numbers of such lynching mob murders were not at the same extreme as whites to blacks.  Also I don’t see it as an act of racism of black against white or as an act of fear and control as it was for the white man to the black man.  I just think the black was tired of what was happening to them and gave back like an eye for an eye.

3 thoughts on “Thriller Thursday: Killings in Eight States

  1. The word next to Louisiana in parentheses is “ITALIANS”. Negroes weren't the only ethnicity bigoted against. It appears that in the South Lynching was all too commonplace a way to deal with civil problems. Now I know why my Grandfather was sent away from New Bern to live in Worcester Massachusetts. The movie 'The Color Purple' did not exaggerate daily living conditions near the turn of 20th Century.

  2. Not to mention Negroes killed 73 Negroes…. we killed more of our own kind than any other group. Kind of like gangs now-a-days isn't it? by Karen M Munoz

  3. I agree with you Karen. Other groups of people that immigrated into the US were bigoted against. but this does not compare to slavery and the stripping of a culture.

    “Then again, I am unfamiliar with “Italians” in parenthesis…just looked up and saw some commentary. (understand where you are coming from.)

    I am unsure of the statistics of today, but people kill where they live. They kill their own, be it domestic issues or other. So it is not surprising that more Negores killed more of their own.

    Lynchings were crimes of racism specifically, and then who is to say that any of the other killings weren't racially motivated.

    I have been trying to answer the question as to why your grandfather (my great-grandfather left New Bern for Worcester, and why many of our family didn't leave.

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