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Connecting The Leaves to The Branches: James Octavius Culley

Who was James Octavius Culley on my Culley/Cully Family Tree?  

Connecting the Leaves to the branches.  

Sun Journal
21 July 2001
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     On July 16, 2011, I posted three newspaper obituaries (Here) on my blog.  One of the individuals I posted was James Octavius Culley.  I did not know what his relationship was to me, but since he had the “Culley” surname and had been residing in Havelock, Craven County, NC, I figured he was family.  I also had a conversation with Edward Ellis, the Havelock Historian, and he shared with me that he had known James O. Culley and it somewhat re-affirmed my first thought that James had to be a relative.  Since this time, I discovered that James O. Culley is my 3rd Cousins 2x removed.
    A few days ago, I went to the Craven County Registrar of Deeds website and looked up the births, deaths, and marriages of all Cully/Culley’s of Craven County.  On the list was James O. Culley birth index which listed his parents names as Lucindy Cully and William Godette.  I believe that the couple was not married as in the 1920 Census Lucinda Jr. was residing in her parents home with James O. and William Godette was not living there.
Craven County Birth Index
James O. Cully
     What I had known about James O. Culley, is that he had resided in his grandparents home in 1920.  His grandfather was James H. Culley and Lucinda Dove, making James H. Culley my 2G Grand Uncle.  Once I saw the above information I was finally able to  link James O. with his parents.  So Lucinda, Jr. had James when she was 15 years old, so that explains why James had been raised in his grandparents home.
1920 Census on
James O. Cully, Grandson
James H & Lucinda Cully
     Sometimes it is obvious that someone has to be related but until we know where to link them in our trees, we sometimes have an uneasy feeling as to their relationship.  It is so important to lay out all the documents and information of an individual and then see how it all comes together.  We are sometimes only one document away to proving who our loose leaves are and where they connect.