Treasure Chest Thursday: Peters In the Newspaper Part #1

     It has been a difficult process trying to find information from my mother’s direct Paternal Peters line as I have not found much documentation. My mother did not have much to do with her father after she was five years old.  The next time she saw her father Charles I. Peters was when she was 22 graduating from NYU in 1950.  
     Remembering a conversation I had with my mother years ago, she mentioned her dad’s sisters and some of her Uncle’s family in Washington, D.C., but those family members passed between 1953 and 1970.  So this leaves me with a mystery.
     I renewed my Genealogy Bank Newspaper subscription a few days ago, so I have been searching away and came across quite a few various society type articles.  They are a treasure to me as they bring my ancestors to life and give me more clues as to where to search.
The Week: Society
Washington Bee
District of Columbia
August 19, 1905

     Mr. Y. D. Peters (Yancey)  is my Great-Grand Uncle.  Yancey was born in Henry County, Virginia and at a young age joined the military and relocated in Washington D.C. to have his own family. This posting revealed that Yancey had been connected with the Navy, a fact I had no knowledge of.

  The fact that the Peter’s were going to be visiting family in Janesville, NC, has given me more clues to discover family somewhere else.  I am unsure if the family that the Peter’s were visiting were Yancey’s family or Alice’s (Ray-her maiden name).

    Yancey was a business owner and owned a grocery store which had been documented in the U.S. Census and various community directories.

     This part of my Peters family were of the Black Socialite Elite as many of the articles will reveal.

    Next postings will be the articles I have found in various newspapers pertaining to the Peters Family.

Addendum:  After looking at my family tree, I have answered the question that Alice E (Ray) Peters was from North Carolina…But now my question is was it really Janesville or Jonesville?

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