Sympathy Saturday: Osborne Ambrose Martin

Sympathy Saturday – While Funeral Card Friday and Sunday’s Obituary revolve around a clipping related to the death of an ancestor or relative, with Sympathy Saturday you can post about any aspect of the passing of a person. This is an ongoing series by Anne Kruszka at GeneNotes and Generational.

Osborne Ambrose Death Certificate

     Osborne Ambrose Martin was my Second Cousin 1x removed.  He was born to Jacob Martin and Izora C. Whittington on August 29, 1911 in Township 5, Craven, North Carolina.  Osborne was named after my Great Grandfather Ambrose E. Cully’s son Osborne Ambrose Cully, who was born March 29, 1899.  My Great Grandfather’s Sister Sarah Frances Cully was Osborne Ambrose Martin’s Grandmother. Our common ancestor is William Henry Cully. Jr who is my Great Great Grandfather and the father of Ambrose and Sarah F. Cully. 

Osborne was married to Jennette Moore and they were blessed with children.  Osborne died of a Brain Tumor on June 26, 1971 in Durham, North Carolina at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC.  He was buried at the Hyman Chapel Church Cemetery in Craven County, NC  on July 1, 1971.

Osborne Ambrose Martin

     I recently posted Osborne’s son’s (Julian Martin) obituary on my blog and I was contacted by Osborne’s grand-daughter (Tracy Martin).  I was very excited because my side of the family were not connected with any of the North Carolina family members of this branch of our tree for over 60 years or more.

     So I say, post and document about your ancestors on the internet, because it only takes Google and luck to link you up with family.

3 thoughts on “Sympathy Saturday: Osborne Ambrose Martin

  1. So true, “it only takes Google and luck to link up with family.” It happened to me recently through my blog that I connected with a family member know one knew of. Thanks for sharing.

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