Funeral Card Friday: William R. Bunn

I had always thought that my Grand Uncle Robert W. Bunn was the youngest sibling of my Grandmother, Helen Bunn.  When you are able to see all the data, documents and information in front of you, then you are able to see the full picture.
I did a post recently on the last living brother (sibling) of my grandmother and stated he was the youngest. Then when I was posting my Grand Uncle William’s Funeral Card, and began transcribing, I realized that I was wrong.  So it goes to show that the information that you have could change, and that you need to be flexible with the information you have because primary source documents could change everything that you hold to be true.
William R. Bunn
Funeral Card



     William R. Bunn was born in Lake Providence, Louisiana, to the late Rev. Robert W. and Edith Bunn. He was the youngest of 8 children.

     William confessed his hope in Christ at an early age at the Little Bethel AME Church in Lake Providence under the leadership of the late Rev. C.C. Hutchinson. He had recently united with the Labanah Baptist Church under the leadership of the pastor, Rev. Stacy Watson. 

     William was educated at Milliven Rosenwald in Lake providence, Louisiana. In 1940 he united in holy matrimony to Arlee Banks. “Red” as hew was affectionately called, was employed by the Reynolds Metal Company in Bauxite, Arkansas for 11 years. For the following 27 years, he was employed by ACME Steel Company in Chicago, Illinois. He returned to Little Rock in 1986 to retire and resided there until the time of his homegoing. He departed this life on Sunday, March 6, 1994. 

     He leaves to cherish his memories, a loving and devoted wife, Arlee Bunn; one daughter, Mrs. Roger L. Phillips of Maywood, Illinois; Carol Phillips of Bellwood, Illinois; Rogina Ruffin of Maywood, Illinois, and Melvin Phillips, Jr. of May wood, Ill.; four great grandchildren, kenyatta , Sidney, Melcolm, and Robert; One sister, Hattie Criner of St. Louis, Missouri; two brothers, Rev. Joseph E. Bunn of St. Louis, Missouri and Robert W. Bunn of Rialto, CA; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives and friends.

     I remember meeting my Uncle William Bunn with his sister,  Aunt Hattie Bunn Criner at my Grandmother’s funeral.  I could not get over the fact that every time I looked at my Aunt Hattie, she looked just like my Grandmother, only smaller.  This had been the first time I met them. 

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2 thoughts on “Funeral Card Friday: William R. Bunn

  1. I am glad to see that you have become comfortable with flexibility in weighing the validity of documentation. African-American Homegoing Service Obituaries are about the most heartfelt, accurate expressions of a person's life, in my opinion. And as you have found, they leave us a trail of new leads for extending the branches. Very nice.

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