Daily Journal: Cully Research (Sept 18, 2011)

     Today I am taking time off from posting significant research.  I guess everyone needs a break from producing and presenting a report.

     Even though I am taking a break, I am not taking one from my Cully-line research.  I am currently  looking at my Great Great Great Grandfather’s (William Cully-born1800) family composition of 1850.  I have traced him to the William Dove family in Craven County, NC, where my 3G grandfather was an apprentice alongside his brother James H Cully.

     I am also looking at census records on William Dove who was listed as head of household and noted as a free person of color. The problem I am having with the Census records before 1850 is that the individual names are not listed except for the head of household.  I have gone from 1790 to 1820 under William Dove’s household and then looked at William Cully household from 1830 to 1850.  I am also reviewing James H Cully household documents and taking note of some of the other names listed.

     The other thing I am working on is finding all documents that have the Cully & Dove last names listed together in the Craven, County area from anytime period of 1800 to current; even though my focus is 1800-1950.  I will also take note of other surnames that are listed with the Cully’s.

     I would hope to have some type of report on William Cully, James H Cully and William Dove within a few days.

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