Not Amanuensis Monday: Betty Peters 1942 & 1943 Journal, Day #14

This is a continued effort to transcribe my mother’s 1942 Journal when she was 15 years old.  To see other postings Click on following links: Day #1Day #2Day #3Day #4Day #5Day #6 & #7Day #8Day #9Day #10 Day #11 Day #12Day #13

Betty Mae Peters
High School Photo

Page 68-bottom

May 26, 1943 Wednesday

Take note, goat, my handwriting has changed again. It simply gets monotonous writing the same way all the time.  So here I am with my new scribe.

Baby, are things buzzing around here.  June Thompson for one thing is going to be married to Palmer Hamilton on Saturday the 29th.  Aunt Vi (She’s Aunt now) just left.  She told us about how much trouble she is having with her mother who…

Page 69

…seems to be very contrary about the whole thing.  Three Saturdays ago, Aunt Vi, spent the whole day shopping downtown tying to find a pretty grey dress for her mother to wear to the wedding.  She simply couldn’t find a nice grey dress so went home with a perfectly lovely black one.  Her mother was so angry at not having a grey dress that she would’t even try it on and had Aunt Vi send it right back.  To Aunt Vi’s horror and unhappiness, her mother is going to wear an old grey wool dress that she (Aunt Vi) made last winter for her to wear around the house.  It’s so thick and winterish looking that Aunt Vi knows people at the wedding will speak of her neglecting her mother by not even getting her a decent dress to wear.  Aunt Vi is…..

Page 70

…so very upset that she doesn’t know what to do.

Two Sunday’s ago, Menta Turner, Dorothy Fuoner, and Olyve Johnson gave a shower for June, and it was really a grand thing.  The cream of the crop was there, and mother and I were duly fussed over. (I guess we’re in the “Blue Book” now.).  We went up on the Subway with Toni and got there 5 minutes before it was over.  I met Mrs. Jones, Gloria’s (one of the bridesmaids) mother-Ha! (That’s all I can say) Just Ha!  She’s making Gloria’s dress and we are all hoping just hoping.  The other bridesmaids are Betty Turner (a sweet lovely girl of whom I am very fond and I hope the feeling is mutual), Dolores Duncan (Ditto!) and Roberta (cis) LaVar (also Ditto and the maid of honor).

Page 71

     We bridesmaids gave Junie a shower on Saturday last, (May 22). It was to be a surprise, and as far as the other girls know, it was.  Only Junie, Mommie, Aunt Vi (perhaps ? Thompson) and I know about that!)  That is our secret!  Dolores spilled it unknowingly on Friday afternoon.  Friday night I went to spend the night with June and we both pretended terrifically (each knowing the other knew about the pretense).  Palmer surprised us (Gee he’s cute!) by being there.  Saturday morning June confessed her knowledge.  Anyway we had lots of fun and the other girls think it was a surprise.  They would have been so unhappy had they thought it otherwise.  So that was my good deed.  It was at the Hotel Theresa.  Mr. Scott let…

Page 72

…us have the room for receptions.  I met so many lovely girls (including Marie Frazier) and we all had a ball.  Gladys Scott certainly does look and act grown.  By the way she has ?lra now but Barbara doesn’t think anyone knows it (not even me).  She’s putting on a big show and making a fool of herself.  It was dirty of Scottie but Barbara deserves it.  Look how dirty she’s been.  Think of how she treated “Desie”.  Then look at how she has taken poor stupid Preston away from June.  Not that June cares.  She is well able to take care of herself and I, her she is doing just that.

I’m a drift again and I think Earl is “putrid.”  I’ll be glad when someone comes along, however.  This “Love ? business is awfully monotonous.

Uncle Ray was in town for two days…

Page 73

 …without Joan!  He’s headed for Jersey in the same fashion.  So there!

Ruthie and Arnie are all heartthrobs.  Joyce met Danny Deece. (remember him?) in Corona L. I. where he lives.  He is gorgeous and likes her, but she gave him the go-by for Everett Mills. (That is what I call pitiful).

Muriell and Leslie have gone the limit.  Ditto Thelma and Richard Summer (now “and Mingo”).

Mr. Knickerbocker asked me to work in his office next term.  Nice!

Alveretta’s Uncle Buddy came up for her and she signed herself out of the hospital to early.  She upset mother and made her cry, when we told her about Uncle Buddy crying she maliciously said “crocodile tears”

Page 74

She left for Georgia about 3 weeks ago and her dear sweet cousin Myrtice Davis came and took most of her things.  Now her temp is 105 and her arm, hands, and legs are paralyzed.  Her pain is so sever that she has to be doped.  Oh goodness!  Sadness, Happiness, Sadness, Happiness! (That’s life).

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