Remembering 911

Me at the United Nations, 2010

      September 11th was a tragic day in America’s History.  September 11 is the day  we memorialize those who lost their lives to terrorism. It is a day that will never be wiped away from our memories, nor from our Country’s mind.  I pray for all those that lost their lives, and the families and friends that had to endure the loss.

     On this day September 11, 2011, I celebrate my father’s life as this was the day he was born.  He is no longer with us, but I must remember the good times and the wonderful lessons he taught me.  Daddy, I miss you tremendously, and you are always in my heart.

Me & My Father, Walter Porter

     This is my 101 post today!  It has become a habit now that I post daily, and it is almost second nature for me.  One of the things I wanted to do was to write daily and I told myself I would do this daily until it became a habit.  I am proud of my persistence.  One thing for sure my father said to me is that I could do and would do anything I put my mind to do, and he was correct.  I think now I will not feel guilty if I take a day or two off from blogging once in awhile.

     Anyway, I am giving myself a break today from writing and will be sorting and organizing my papers instead of writing.  Sometimes it is just good to relax and take it easy and that’s what I will do.

     I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Let’s keep our country in prayer and spend time with our families, because they are most important.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


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2 thoughts on “Remembering 911

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. I'm glad he brought you forth to us! I'm grateful for having you as a friend. On this day, 9/11/2011, I thank you for all you are to so many people and pray you have a safe, happy, and loving day. Love and blessings!

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