Family Churches Part #1: Mt. Hermon Baptist Church (UPDATED)

     When I began researching my family history, I was very much interested in the churches that my family attended throughout the generations, as this was the place where families gathered to worship, socialize, to be baptized, held communion, were married, eulogized, and many times buried in the church cemetery.  The Family Church series will be a post that I talk about, discuss and share a family church, and possibly its history if available, and the family members that attended this place of worship.

     A few weeks ago, I posted a funeral card of my father’s (Walter Porter) half-brother, Leroy Porter.  To read, click (here).
     The funeral card mentioned that Rev. Leroy Porter accepted Christ as his Savior and United with Mt. Hermon Baptist Church at a young age.  Well, I was curious as to what the church looked like and its history.  After locating the number of the church in Mt. Hermon, Louisiana, I called. A lady answered the phone, stating she was the secretary (Diane).  I inquired as to the church’s website, but there was none. After telling Diane who my family was and that they had been members of Mt. Hermon, she stated that there had been many Porters that attended the church for years but there were no remaining family members.
     I let Diane know that I was interested in receiving history and a picture of the church if there was anything available.  I gave Diane my address and a few weeks later, I received a picture of Mt. Hermon Baptist Church (below) but have not received the information of the church history.  I hope that I will somehow get the info at a later date.
Mt. Hermon Baptist Church
Porter Family attended for many years
      Facts about the location of the Church:  According to Wikipedia, Mt. Hermon is an unincorporated community of the Washington Parish of Louisiana.

     Mt. Hermon, LA is is bordered by Mississippi and about 6 miles away.

     I also followed up since this post with a Thank You card because whenever anyone gives you information it is very important to say Thank you, and show some gratitude.


After all of this effort, I discovered that I had the right name of the church but the incorrect location.  I went online to see if I could find more information, and discovered the church that I had pinpointed as the family church was predominately Caucasian and I was looking for an African American Church.

Diane, the secretary had a conversation with the church clerk, who happened to be the church historian and was a Porter, stated that they never had a Leroy in their family.

My search is still on, and even though this post is incorrect, I want to keep it up, so that other’s will know that all research done is not always accurate, and sometimes must be re-checked.  There are so many churches with the same name, locale must always be checked too.


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