Wordless Wednesday: Searching for Wendell Phillip Culley on e-bay

A couple of times a month I get on e-bay and search for anything that is related to the Culley/Cully Family.  I have had some successes.  I did not know what my Great Uncle Wendell looked like, and I could not find a relative that had a photo of Wendell in their collection (as he hated to take pictures).

Through my searches, I have been able to secure at least 4 photo’s of Wendell.  Below is a magazine ad that was being sold on e-bay and I bid on it and won.  I had it made into posters for a few of my cousins.
Wendell Culley, Count Basie & Reunald Jones
Here is a flyer that I was able to find and purchase on e-bay.
Wendell Culley, (bottom-far left)
More about Wendell Culley go here and here, or google Wendell P. Culley for information on his career as a musician.

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Searching for Wendell Phillip Culley on e-bay

  1. How cool is that!! I LOVE Big Band music…it's one of my absolute favorite genres.

    It's very interesting to have a musician like that in your lineage. Did you always know he was a musician? Or was that information you discovered in your search?

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I love finding things on ebay or wherever that are related to my family's history. Ususally for me it's postcards of the places they were from. The poster and flyer are real treasures. Thanks as always for sharing.

  3. @Patti, I have always known of Wendell being a musician. I remember when he passed and my mother was given his instruments until his daughter recovered them from her. I just never had a photo of him and so the search was on. I have found a few and I guess I am still looking.

  4. @Andrea, I love e-bay too. It is amazing what you can find on there. I find that the blog is a good platform to share your e-bay treasures. I really enjoy your posts and what you find as we know our families are from the same area.

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