Military Monday: Letter to a Son

Marshall Walter Porter
U.S. Air Force
March 1985

(6 Years Later)


Jan 14, 1991

Dear Marshall:

I want you to know that you are kept in my prayers.  I want you to know how proud I am of the way you are taking on the responsibility of a service person who might go to war.

I was in your position during the Korean War.  I was called upon to go into service and I did.  I trained and could have been sent to fight, in a place I knew very little.  I had the good fortune to be stationed in California, so I did not have to fight.

As an adult, you will be called upon to do things for which you have strong feeling against doing, but duty calls.  You will be asked to go into battle and you might not know the reasons for fighting, but duty calls.

There is a certain amount of fear involved in going into the unknown.  Feel the fear, because it is natural.  Just don’t let the fear interfere with doing the things for which you have been trained.

I called my Congressman today in Washington, to let him know that I think that America should not rush into war.  I wanted him to know that we should wait on the sanctions to have an effect on the life of the people in Iraq.  The sanctions could end the conflict without a war.

War may come, and you may be caught up in it.  Keep the faith.  Know that we love you and will do whatever we can for your family if something should happen to you.

God bless you, and may his light shine upon you and keep you safe,


Saturday, we had the Martin Luther King Parade downtown.  A big group of people demonstrated for peace.  Today, the largest peace demonstration was held since the Viet Nam War.

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