Amanuensis Monday: Betty Peters 1942 Journal, Day #13

This is a continued effort to transcribe my mother’s 1942 Journal when she was 15 years old.  To see other postings Click on following links: Day #1Day #2Day #3Day #4Day #5Day #6 & #7Day #8Day #9Day #10 Day #11 Day #12

Betty Peters

Page 62-Bottom

Monday March 22, 1943

Well doggone!
Things certainly can happen: Maude Turner told Alveretta that she ought to improve herself culturally.  Now Alveretta hides every time she comes.  Maude has washed her hand of the whole affair, and who can blame her.  She was really trying to be a sincere helpful friend and Alveretta took offense.

“Mastermind” has laryngitis (almost).

Page 63

March 22, 1943 Cont’d

I was in bed all last friday with a cold &  was absent from school.
     Speaking of school, I am really working hard this term for two objects. 1. Arista 2. General Principles.  Mother has at last realized that writing is the only thing for me & now she is all for it.  I have an outline for a story. “A.L.F.H.”  I can hardly wait for some extra time in which I can develop it.
     Colored girls are going to be hired as clerks at Bloomingdales next Summer & I am going to go down and see if they will hire me.  I hope they will.
     Well Ray & Joan (Jake & Jenny) have come & gone again.

Page 64

March 22, 1945 Cont’d

For one roaring week they stayed.  They came last Monday & they just left at about 5:00 P.M.  It is now 5:20 P.M. (in other words 20 minutes ago).  At last they in style. Jake is working in a band, Jenny in a restaurant.  They are both in Albany.  She keeps watch over him like a “vigil in the night,” the poor sap can’t move without having Jenny tailing behind like a body-guard.  She is terribly jealous & swears all women are out to get her “Daddy.”  Just a few evenings ago, Aunt Leronia was here, Uncle Ray talked to her at the table, Jenny got so mad she almost smoked a pack of cigarettes.  She ordered him to eat his dinner & be quiet (if you please).  Later, he was playing the piano for Aunt “L” & Joan couldn’t stand their being…

March 22, 1943 Cont’d

Page 65

…alone in the living room.  So, in went Jenny & she sat & she sat & she sat.

This afternoon, (the day of their dreaded departure), I cam home from school & immediately knew something was wrong.  I inquired only to find out that (as usual) Ray had skipped and left Joan; he had even taken the key to their room with him.  Joan had some money, her ticket back home, the new coffee pot she had just bought. (aluminum & red to be exact), and herself, but her clothes were in the room & “sweet papa” had the key.  No papa, no clothes, sorry?   Are you asking me if she was mad?


Page 66

March 22, 1943  Cont’d.

Besides the flames that literally leaping out of Joan’s ears, there was Mother (worried), (Unkie I’m told was worried too) & I was hungry.  Well, I ate, and at 4:30 (after Joan had left to go across the street and see if she could get into the room “pans” a key) who should appear but Jake.  He had been to a business meeting.  It seems he had to go to a fraternity house. (where “femmes” are not admitted).  Joan is such a clinging vine that the only way he could go was by back alley & underhand methods.  This : Chop Suey.  (In other words everything was mixed up).  But definitely!  Now the two lambs (drippy & droopy) have left our humble domain & are going back to Albany (Pity Albany!)  Well, at least they are different, and Earl says “Variety is the spice of life.”

Page 67

March 22, 1943 Cont’d

     Speaking of Earl, he is definitely “in there” (again) with me.  My dear friend (?) R.S. (and that doesn’t stand for Rain Storm) is definitely out.  Reason for the first:  How can a gal help herself? Reason for the second: The party of this first part is Jealous of the party of the second part, and is trying to take action.  Tut Tut!  Pitiful aren’t we?
     Hilda Proctor is a darling and a good friend of mine.  Lester likes her.  She talks of her soldier boy “Bucky” but I think Mr. H. has 1/3 of M(?) Proctor anyway.  I am going to invite her down for Easter.  I hope she can come.
     There is something pee-kue-lee-ar going on between Barbara & Iva, and I, your reporter means to…

Page 68 Top

March 22, 1943 Cont’d

..find out just what the “something” is.  Meanwhile don’t forget to by more stamps & the next time you go shopping don’t forget that package of “Cuddely Duddely Safety pins.”
Take it Easy!!! Grrreasy!

P.S. Irving is reported to be a droole. Gwennie is grooving herself with Henry Hines from Brooklyn.

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