Sports Center Saturday: In My Younger Days (Henry Hodge)

Henry Hodge is my Dad’s best friend, and they were friends since their High School Days in St. Louis, Missouri.  My Father was a few years older, but through the years they still maintained their friendship.  I am currently Henry’s caretaker as he is 81.  I have always known him as my Uncle, and since he has no family of which to claim or they claim him, we are his surrogate family.

Here are some miscellaneous photos of Henry growing up in the Inter-City of St. Louis.

 The YMCA (Y-Services) were very important in the lives of inter-city youth in St. Louis, Missouri.  I heard stories from my Uncle and my father Walter about their positive experiences at the Pine Street YMCA. This is where they spent lots of their time from Elementary through High School.

[unidentified publication in St. Louis]

Page Sixteen
Winners in 3rd Inter-City Swim Meet

     Smiling victors in the third Intra-center, city-wide, swimming meet series between the city community centers and Pine Street Y, are shown above.  Buder won the meet held at its center last Friday night with 39 points.  The final meet will be held at the Pine Street Y, this Thursday, Aug 7, at 8 p.m.  Left to right, they are: Front-Theodore Butler, Rily Sutherlin, James Alexander,  Second Row-Albert Lewis, William Massingale, Benny Westbrooks, Henry Hodge.  Third row-John Robinson, James Bryant, Vernon Whitney. Fourth row-Festus Robinson, E. McWood, Levy Rose.

Henry Hodge
Hurdles at Vashon H.S.

Henry Hodge before a football game
Vashon H.S. 1947

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