Amanuensis Monday: Betty Peters 1942 Journal, Day #12

This is a continued effort to transcribe my mother’s 1942 Journal when she was 15 years old.  To see other postings Click on following links: Day #1, Day #2, Day #3, Day #4, Day #5, Day #6 & #7, Day #8, Day #9, Day #10 Day #11

Betty Peters & unidentified Friend

September 5, Saturday 1942
Page #58

Bravo!  I just found out that Aunt Ivy’s birthday is on October 26.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Victory number one!  (She didn’t want me to know).  Also I found out that Miss Myrtle Gaines her boarder since Sunday last is not Miss G., but Mrs. Myrtle Raspberry.  At least that’s the way a letter from Mrs. Willie Burrough, Mill Pine Ark. was addressed.  Myrtle comes from Ark. So Mrs. Burrough ought to know.  And what about her fiance who’s in the army in Arizona?!!  There are going to be fireworks around this house long before July 4 of next year, and yours truly will be here too!  I repeat.  Bravo!  P.S. Aunt Ivy is also Scorpio!  Hip Hip! Hooooooo Ray!  Dig you later. Ey! Now!


February 1, 1943, Monday
Page  # 59

See my handwriting has changed!  Lots of other things have changed too.  For one thing, Aunt Ivy claims she’s through with us because we promised to visit her x’mas and couldn’t make it.  She must be crazy!  We are going to write and try to straighten her out, but then you can’t get blood from a turnip, can you?
Alveretta Britton, Marian Anderson’s protege is living in the house in Miss Hicks apt, but she spends most of her time up here.  At first we thought she was swell but after living with her for awhile we really know what kind of a person she is.  She is stuck on her self. She…

Page # 60 Feb 1, Cont’d

…has an awful temper and she tries to act young, even though she is past 30 yrs of age.  However, she has a beautiful voice.  She sang at the Russian Casino on Fifth Avenue last Saturday.  Mother dressed her.
I am now in 6th term and once again in Renee’s class.  Another class mate of mine is Marilyn Tittley. Some more new people are Sylvia Fitt (Bobby’s latest) and Irma Bryant (Ruthie’s friend).
Stanley had his first really big party.  He graduated from Clinton.  So did Freddie, Earl, Roy and Sonny.  Ruthie went to the party with me.  Barbara had arthritis in her hip but she came too.  It was a sport affair.  I went over for Richard Trimpson in a big way.

                                                                                           Page #61, Feb 1, Cont’d

Arnett Cannon likes Ruthie very much.  He sent her a beautiful compact.  He now attends American International College in Mass. Henry Thomas from Springfield likes Joyce, the feeling is mutual. He and Joyce were kissing behind the living room curtains.  Tut! Tut! Naughty! Naughty!
The fireman is still around, but he can jump off a cliff as far as I am concerned.

Ruthie is having a party Saturday Night.  She has invited 35 people. Lloyd Love has a collapsible knee and an inferiority complex.  If he comes I’m going to try to straighten him out.
I saw “White Cargo,” with….

Page #62, Top
Feb 1, Cont’d

…Walter Pidgeon, Hedy Lamaar, Richard Carlson, Frank Morgan and Leigh Whipper.  It was marvelous.  I have have to go to Aunt Sadie’s now to get something for Mother.  So long.
P.S.  At last, I have a Victrola!

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