Sports Center Saturday: Vashon H.S. Wolverines Football 1946 & 1947

Vashon High School is a public school founded in 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. The School was named in honor of two African American educators: John B. Vashon & his son George B. Vashon.

My father Walter J. Porter, who they referred as “Cisco The Kid,” and his best friend Henry Hodge (Uncle to me) played the same year on 1946. My father was 2 years ahead of Henry in High School. My father was #31, and in 1946 was the Vashon High Football captain.

My father did not play football after H.S. as he said he had a bad knee and really wasn’t that big; but my Uncle Henry played for the U.S Marines in the 1950’s while he was stationed in San Diego. 

[After I posted my Uncle Henry said he rode the bench the 1st 2 years he played football, and frankly doesn’t know how he even got picked to play with the military].  

(The collection of photo’s are from Henry Hodge’s scrapbook)

Vashon H.S., St. Louis, MO Football Team
Walter J. Porter #31-Football Captain
Henry Hodge #26

Letters Certificate for Vashon H.S. 1947
Presented to Henry Hodge

Henry Hodge on the field of Vashon HS for Practice
(on the visible far right)

Vashon H.S Football Team 1947
Henry Hodge #41 (sitting directly in front of #51)


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