Scrapbook Sunday: Betty Peters Communicants Class Part #1

My mother Betty Peters (1926-2004) had a really nice red scrapbook that she put together in her Communicants Class;  that included church programs, little booklets of various gospel books of the Bible, news article clippings and things that interested her or were her favorite things.

I want to take the time every Sunday to go through my mother’s scrapbook & post each page, as the pages are falling apart and disintegrating.  The red scrapbook is over 70 years old and she put it together when she was attending St. James Presbyterian Church in Harlem.  It was 1940 and my mother was 14 years old.

Religion and Spirituality was very important to my mother’s life.  The way she practiced evolved over time.  On various occasions she would discuss the different types of churches she attended and impressed upon me that one’s spirituality is more important than what type of church one was attending.

St. James Presbyterian Church
Mother attended catechism in 1940

Photo Taken by Vanessa Moore June 2010

This Scrapbook is the size of a regular sheet of paper.
I was always intrigued by the cover of this book, and wanted
to know what was inside of it.


My Prayer

Thank you dear father,
For our parents so grand,
For our friends true, and loyal,
For our free, happy land,
And may the world soon realize,
With joy, and with mirth,
That nothing is sweeter
Than peace on the earth….Amen

{Original by Betty Peters}

Back inside cover of Scrapbook

Betty Peters
460 West 147th Street (mom’s residence)
St. James Presbeteryan Church
Communicant Class
Scrap book

Some of the gospel books in the scrapbook..(The book of John was missing, as I remember losing it years ago…must find.)

St. Mark
St. Matthew
The Shorter Catechism

What is inside the envelope???

Well, let’s see below…

Medical Aid for China (stamps)
I was trying to find information online regarding these stamps, and really didn’t find anything.  In 1940, it was a time of war and upheaval in other countries. Two website’s I found that require further investigation through the archives are: United Service to China Records: 1934-1967 and World Events during the 1940’s .  I will do further inquiry, and if anyone else knows, please contact me.

Our Church


Theodore F. Savage


Board of National Missions
of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
156 Fifth Avenue  New York, N.Y.

9 Reasons Why a Christian
Should be a Church Member

1. Is is an obvious means of confessing Christ.
2. It serves as a wholesome restraint under temptation.
3. It furnishes a stimulus to well-doing.
4. It provides a delightful spiritual fellowship.
5. It makes my example an influence for good.
6. It is a step in the path of obedience which strengthens faith and enriches experience.
7. It is the only way to perpetuate the visible Church.
8. It affords the best facilities for service, giving the advantage of organized effort in Christian activities.
9. As a member of the Father’s family I ought to be in His house, at His table, and openly identified with His work and worship.

Street name changed to:
 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd



MARCH 7th, 1940

129th STREET, 7th AVENUE


(Rev. F.A. Cullen was Poet Countee Cullen’s unofficial adopted father.)

(To see details of the program, click on the picture)

Info on Salem Methodist Church  and More info on Salem Methodist

Part #2 of Scrapbook August 28, 2011

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