Betty Peters 1942 Journal Day #11: Amanuensis Monday

This is a continued effort to transcribe my mother’s 1942 Journal when she was 15 years old.  To see other postings Click on following links: Day #1, Day #2, Day #3, Day #4, Day #5, Day #6 & #7, Day #8, Day #9, Day #10

September 4, 1942, Friday

Page 56, Bottom

“Just received all my mail from Mother along with a letter from her.  She says I can stay up here in Springfield as long as I want, but I’m going home Tuesday.  I have to be home at least 5 days before school opens.  Uncle Ed gave me some school supplies.  Thank goodness.”

Page 57

Among the mail:
1 letter from Barbara, one from Charmaine and of course one from Mommie.
Then the cards:
Betty Washington in Camp Wallkill. Maxine Williams in Charlotte, N.C., Hilda Proctor in Shelburne Falls, Mass. Muriel Arrington in Island Park, L.I.

I have sent cards to Aunt Burnette, Mrs. Kicks, Mrs. Perry, Maxine Williams, Mrs. Anderson (400 Convent Ave), Gwennie, Ma Sumpter, Hilda, Peggy Dickson, Melissa Davis, The Jefferson sisters, Dorothy Hashiro (my hairdresser), Aunt Ann, Ma(unreadable) P(unreadable), Ira Mae, Lois McCalla, Jimmie Randolph, Aunt Etta, Teague, and a letter to Earl, Charmine and others.

I must write: Jimmie (my cousin), Roberta B.H., Jimmy Smith, The Davis sisters, Loronia Howard, Auntie Polly + how many others. Oh yes Milton, Hall.

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