Cully Family Surname: (My Matrilineal Line) Part #2

This post is a continuance of Part #1 of the Cully Family Post. You can read by clicking on “Part #1”.  

Last post I traced my mother Betty Peters and my grandmother Agnes M [Cully] Peters to Ambrose E. Cully.  I was able to find Ambrose’s parents names on the marriage Registrar listed on Family Search in the 1889 Worcester, MA registrar book.  The names listed were William Cully and Nancy Hartley. 

Since I knew that William & Nancy were the parents of Ambrose, I began  looking at the North Carolina Marriage Collection online and found that they married July 21, 1851 in Craven County, NC.

Marriage of William Cully & Nancy Hartley on 21 July 1851

I knew that William and Nancy resided in the Craven County of North Carolina, so I began looking in the Federal Census Records to see if I could find the family composition while Ambrose was residing in the home and any other Census Records that were relevant & might not include Ambrose.

1860 US Census

In the 1860 US Census, William and Nancy Cully were listed as residing in Reevs, Craven, North Carolina.  Their household composition was: William(29) Nancy(25) Sidney A(5) Julia A. Godette(12) Jeremiah Godette(3) I am not positive as to the connection of Julia & Jeremiah Godette, but I do know that it is one of the Cully Tree branches. I did not find a death record for Sidney A, as I do not see him listed in any other Census records.

In the 1870 US Census, The Cully family was listed as living in Township 5, Craven, North Carolina.The Cully Family Composition: William(35) Nancy(33) Sarah(9) Ambrose(7) Melvina(4) Mary(2) George W. (5/12)

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In the 1880  Census the Cully family was listed as still living in Township 5, Craven, North Carolina.

The family composition in 1880 was William(47) Nancy(43) Ambers(18) 
Melviney (14) George W.(10) Matildie Carter(22) was listed as housekeeper and Mary J. Candey(3)

The Carter and Canadey/Canady & Canada Surnames are a part of my family branches, but I am still investigating the links.

In the 1900 U.S. Census the Cully family was listed as living in Township 6, Craven, North Carolina.

The Family composition was William H(66) Nancy(60) Melvina(34) Isabella (16)
and Robert Johnson(18) as a servant.

So according to the 1860 US Census to the 1900 Census, the children that Nancy and William H Cully had were Sidney A., Sarah, Ambrose, Melvina, George W, and Isabella. (Total of 6 children).

The next post will continue the lineage of William H. Cully through his father, mother and their children. 

(Then further down the line, I will take each individual from each household and show their descendants linking each person to the various surnames).

My Direct Maternal Line as of date is:

1. Yvette Marie Porter

2. Betty Mae Peters
3. Walter James Porter

4. Agnes M Cully
5. Charles Irving Peters

6. Ambrose Elander Cully
7. Nora Ann Gilliam

8. William H. Cully
9. Nancy Hartley (Harkley)

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2 thoughts on “Cully Family Surname: (My Matrilineal Line) Part #2

  1. @Debra, I have noticed that the Harkley's are related to all the Surnames listed, however, I have not found anything over the years listing Nancy as a Harkley. I have looked at originals and it say Hartley. If you can find this relation and that it really is a misspelling please show me as it really would be most helpful. I believe I found someones tree with Harkley but I told them it was Hartley. I will relook. Thank you for your continued scholarship.

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