Amanuensis Monday: NAACP Sets KKK Action

My Father was the President of the San Diego Local Chapter of the NAACP in 1976.  I was 8 years old at the time.

[Transcribed from Los Angeles Sentinel, Dec. 16, 1976]

A multi-pronged plan of action to deal with the current crisis at Camp Pendleton involving the Ku Klux Klan and black Marines has been announced by NAACP leadership following a special meeting attended by National Regional NAACP staff and branch members from San Diego.

     The special meeting was called in response to regional request for information regarding the state of affairs related to the incidents, according to Mrs. Virna M. Canson, Regional Director.
     “We have received numerous requests for information and investigation,” Canson said.  “The immense scope of this problem calls for the co-operative efforts of our Region and National offices.”
     The groups set as a first priority an investigation to determine if there is adequate defense of the black Marines.
     “Regional legal representatives will take immediate steps to ascertain the quality of legal representation the black Marines have at this time,” Canson said.
     Wally Porter, president of the San Diego Branch NAACP, called for the 14 black Marines to be removed from confinement.
     “We are hard put to understand how white Klansmen have been disbursed to other bases and have freedom of movement while blacks are being held in confinement,” Porter declared.
     “It is not our purpose to suggest guilt or innocence, we do believe, however, there exist procedures which would be more equitably applied.”
National NAACP’s Acting Director of Branch and Field Administration William Penn, said, “We at the National office will lend any support possible to the efforts of the NAACP in this area.”
     In other action the group called for a Congressional investigation and constituted the local Board as a committee of the whole toward this action.
Porter commended the San Diego Urban League and its director Clarence Pendleton for their efforts in bringing this matter to the forefront.
     “We welcome support from any other organizations who may wish to work with NAACP in its comprehensive attacks,” Porter said.
     Interested persons may contact him at (714) 236-9078.

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