Jack Porter: My Father’s Favorite Brother

Jack Porter was born on May 16, 1908 and died in September of 1984. I vaguely remember meeting my Uncle Jack. He was my father’s oldest half Brother born to Harrison and Pearl Porter in East Carroll, Lake Providence, Louisiana. My Father talked very well of Jack. Going through papers, I found this newspaper clipping of Jack…Not sure what paper it was in but was from the Los Angeles, Carson area. My search will be to find out what local newspaper it was in like the Sentinel Black Newspaper.

I remember my grandmother Helen Bunn mentioning Jack fishing and bringing them fish back whenever he went. I just think this is a great shot of him with the fish he caught and I am sure my grandmother cleaned it and prepared it for him, as she did on many occasions.

I recently connected with family on the Porter side that knew Jack and spoke with his wife recently.  I am planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas to collect and record stories of my Uncle’s life from his son that he adopted from a family member….(soon to be revealed to me.)

© Yvette Porter Moore-All Rights Reserved

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