Treasure Chest Thursday: Essay by Daughter about Grandpa

This essay written by my daughter Vanessa is a treasure of my heart..As I was reading, tears welled up because my father loved to dance and to know that my daughter Vanessa experienced and will always remember her dance with her grandfather. Reminds me of “Dance With My Father,” by Luther Vandross.

Writing assignment
Prompt Title: An Adult I Admire

Directions for Writing:  There are many adults who have played an important part in your life.  Pick one adult who may have helped, supported, or encouraged you.  Write an essay about this person.

The Second and Final
Father Dance with her Grandfather

(pardon all misspellings)

Page 1


     I will never forget how my extra nice helpful grandpa taught me how to dance.  It was in 1994 in Kindergarten on a Friday at 3:30 to 9:00.  I was at Highlands Elementary at the Father Dauter dance.
     It all started when I just about imbarressed my grandpa.  I was dancing with 4 brades in my hair.  I was short like a big dog.  That night I was wearing a prettey vieolet dress that went to my neas.  My grandpa was tall wearing his nice strait picth black suit that was so cool.  I was out there dancing with me grandpa all of a sudden my hands were swinging my legs were jumping off the floor  my Four long brades were not still they were swinging like snakes moving a lot.
     My grandpa saw how I was dancing.  He started to dance like me excsept he looked funnyer.  I asked him, “Why are you dancing funny?”  He said, “Because it gives me alot of energy to teach you how to dance, and I wanted to dance esaclly as my baby.”  I asked my grandpa if he can teach me how to dance before he did loose all his energy.”
     He grabed one of my hands, told me to put my leg and move it to the right, then he told me to swich them to the left. Step by step he was teachng me how to do things.  Before the fun night was over he told me that I will be a pro-

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Page 2

…dancer from him, and when he said that I repeated what he said.  My grandpa taught me how to get his finger in one of his hand and let him twirl me like a hurrcane, and also taught me how to fall back in his arms and not fall.  Imagine me that little dancing like a woman.  My grandpa picked me skinny little hips up and through me in the air like a pizza getin cooked by a cooker, and caught me.  He also taught me how to do the election slide.  The second time we did it I fell on my shoe lace and started all over again.  My grandpa just about taught me 6 dances and more.
     I ispire my grandfather because he taught me how to dance he also loved me more than money.  He tooked care of me I want to be just like him when I’m a grandparent.  I will hopefully teach my grandkids and be a good person just like him!!!

© Yvette Porter Moore-All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday: Essay by Daughter about Grandpa

  1. Yvette, this is absolutely beautiful. Take it from me (a third-grade teacher), your daughter did just what she was assigned to do! She used so many “colorful” words and phrases, and made me “see” her story as she told it! I'm guessing Vanessa is all grown up now, but congratulate her, anyway, on a job well done! 🙂


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