Betty Mae Peters Journal: Day #6 & Day #7

Eva, Agnes Cully Peters and Betty Peters, Sept 1936

This is a continued project to transcribe my mother’s journal from 1942, when she was 15 years old. If you would like to read all in sequence, go to Day #1  Day #2  Day #3  Day #4 Day #5

Page #37 (bottom)
February 14, 1942

Page 37

2. The fella named Richard who goes to Manhattan College and has a physique better than Vic Matures.  (I met R. over at Barbara’s and I shall investigate him further).  I don’t know his last name _______ yet!
3. The mysterious Russian who was at Gladys Scott’s party.  Who plays the drums (but fine) is the school….

Page # 38

Page 38

…orchestra and who is a monitor at the staircase the same period that Charmaine and I have lunch (ow!)  I hope Leon (Charmaine’s brother) was right in telling her she didn’t have a chance.  Oh well.  Red always was my favorite color.
I must-oh I must ruin one of these 3 cases-if not all!  Remember 3 and 6 are my lucky numbers.
Lloyd Rogers really likes me.  He wants to come to see me.  Too bad, too bad.  He is so far from nowhere that it would take me from now to Judgement day to count the miles of distance  (ouch!)

Page # 39
March 1, 1942

Page 39

 The March winds have blown hard luck into our little home.  Mother is sick again.  She had another tumor attack Friday when I was in school. (Incidentally, this was the day Ruthie and I walked home from G.W. Ah! Energy).  When I got in, Mother was asleep but in a very bad condition.  Dr. Dolly (recommended by Chambers) came last night.  He’s swell, knows his business to a “T”.  He told Mommie she has inflamed tumors and that her condition is very serious.  She will have to go to the hospital very soon.  He wants her to go either to St. Lukes or Roosevelt, not Medical…

Page #40

Page 40

…Center.  I’ve been doing my best to nurse her, and believe it or not, I (little me) seem to be doing some good.  I pray to God that she’ll be well soon.  Others who are sort of looking after Mommie are (besides Unkie of course). Chambers, Lottie, Hicks, Aunt Vi & Uncle Wen.  Mary Lee, Arleen Teague & Wendell, Liz, and countless other’s have been to see her.  We certainly have some swell friends.

The March winds have blown good luck into our little home.  This wee I received my “Scholarship Certificate” for getting an 85% average last term (3rd Term High)  I hope to get another one this term. 

Page #41

Page 41

 I have met Dorothy McGuire.  She’s lovely.  She, Bertha, and the whole “Claudia’s” show are leaving N.Y. the seventh of this month for a tour.  They’ll be back soon though.
Well pals and gals, James Brown Jr. (alias Auntie’s son Jimmie) is a Put in this man’s army. And boy did they rush him.  One afternoon about a month ago, he decided (that is the family decided) that the best thing would be for him to registrar, (because the negro draftees are treated just like dogs in the south). So at 11 o’clock A.M. He registered at the nearest Post Office.  They looked over his papers and…

Page #42

Page 42

…and told him to go home and be back by 1 o’clock PM.  When he returned they had him take a million tests.  He was though at 6 o’clock P.M.  They told him to go home and be on the train (bound for the nearest camp) that left Jacksonville at 11:30 P.M.  Yes, “dear readers” they had him out of Jacksonville exactly 12 1/2 hours after he registered!  If that isn’t the stinkiest piece of hi-jacking I ever heard of then I ain’t no-where at all!
Well no Jimmie’s at Fort Bragg.  That’s the place where the cracker M.P. shot five negroes (puts) and no one did a thing about it. Oh joy! oh happy day!
Auntie wrote and asked…

Page 43 (top)

Page 43 Top

…us to keep in touch with Jimmie so I have thus far written him two letters.  He has answered both.  I find him very interesting and I think that through our correspondence we are going to be great friends.  I hope so!
Last Saturday nit, Gwennie had one of the finest parties I have been to in ages.  It was a killah!  I was mobbed by the opposite sex and loved it!

 © Yvette Porter Moore-All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Betty Mae Peters Journal: Day #6 & Day #7

  1. Looking around for information about Springfield, MA and got taken here for the photo of your mother looking so pretty in her dress on a bench in Springfield. And the letter written from there too. Surprised I was!

    • That is too funny! My mother had an Aunt and Uncles that had a Home in Springfield, MA. I was actually thinking about your family and Springfield from your post the other day. I almost think that maybe our families may have passed each others paths.

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