(Video) African Burial Ground: New York

When I went to Harlem in June of 2010, my daughter and I met a lady that was a professor at one of the local colleges.  She educated us on the history of New York and she shared with us information of the Slaves of New York and  the African Burial Grounds.  We did not have time to get to the African Burial Grounds, but I intend on visiting in the near future.

I find that this documentary (below) is very beneficial to the Family Historian, not inasmuch as one can locate ones ancestor/s to this actual place but for many it is a symbolic location honoring our ancestors that were amongst the enslaved and those of  African Ancestry. One of my fb friends Mosiah Saalin sent me this short documentary, and I felt it necessary to share.

“I hear the blood of my Ancestors cry out.  Their spirit lives within me.. I sense their nightmares, their hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow which ended in great doom and sorrow. I am the vision that they saw…My Ancestors shed their blood upon the trails and set out a light, so I might see. We must not allow ourselves to fall asleep!  We must continue upon the path and free our minds from slavery…I say wake up because the dream is there for us to take hold of.  Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” (YPM)

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