Amanuensis Monday: Prayer of Healing

Betty Peters and Agnes [Cully] Peters Berry

Years ago I was looking through my mother’s papers, and came across an envelope with a note in it.  I asked my mother what it was and she stated it was a prayer inside the envelope. My mom told me the envelope was left on a table in their living room and was used regularly to communicate when one or the other was out.  My grandmother Agnes had been remarried to a man by the name of Mack Berry.  Agnes also had been struggling with cancer since the early 40’s and she was a member of the Church of Scientology.  She truly felt that she could be healed.

Envelope used regularly

“Betty I will be right back” (See inside)

Pg #1
     There is One Mind, One Law, One Principal, One Substance, One Love, and I Agnes Berry am One with all that there is.
     I remove from my subconscious mind, all negatives, even those of which I am not aware.  I wipe them all out.  They do not exist.  I do not accept them.
     Instead, I am placing in my subconscious mind, all positive thoughts that open the channel of Healing.  Thoughts of love, beauty and compassion, thoughts of Peace, Joy and contentment.  Unity with my fellow man. Unity with my God the Creator, Success, understanding and Faith.  Faith in my fellow man, faith in myself, faith in God.  God is Life God is….
Page #2
…mind, God is Truth, God is Love.  As a human being, I place myself and my desire for perfect health into the hands of God.  The Cradle of Love.  God is Light, God is Power, God is Peace.  The God mind in me is the Center of Divine Operation bringing into my experience from the fourth Dimension to the Third Dimension on which I now function, through the law of correspondence, the benefit of the Law of Opulence of (health). Thank you Father for the law of Opulence of (health). 15 times, 7 times each day, for 21 days and it will open a channel of healing for me.
I decided to look up Law of Opulence and it is an old term for the Law of Attraction.  Very interesting.

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