Betty Peters Journal Day #3, January 4, 1942

(This is a continuance of my mother’s diary) If you are interested in seeing the others follow these links. Day #1, Day #2  I will be posting a portion of it daily for the next few weeks along with some of the Blogging Prompts.

Photo of Betty Peters in 1930 in Sugar Hill, NY

January 4, 1942
[Her horoscope for the year]

Page #24-bottom of page

Pg 24

Yesterday I bought my horoscope from “Woolworth’s Five & Ten” on the….

Page #25

Pg 25

…corner of 146thst and Broadway.  “Zolar” was the name of it.  My birthday is on Nov. 17 and I am born under the sign of “Scorpio” and I am ruled by the planet “Mars,” The god of War. (A few weeks ago it brought me great pleasure to find out that Hedy Lamaar, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, was also born under the sign of Scorpio. `Ey Now !!!).

My horoscope only gave me information concerning my planetary influences until the month of April.  Then I’m supposed to buy the second edition, that will tell me about a few more months, then I buy another. (A nice money-making scheme, the hisles).  I enjoyed reading my horoscope.  The things….

Page #26

pg 26

…than interested me most I have copied word for word in the following passage:

For Those Born Under The Sign of “Scorpio,” or on November 17th.

(More to come tomorrow)

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