Daily Journal July 8, 2011

Journaling @ Jackie Robinson Park in NY during my Research Trip, June 2010

 I am finally seeing the importance of keeping a Genealogical diary or journal.  One of the individuals I have met through Geneabloggers keeps a daily journal  Randy Seaver of The Geneaholic.  I see that it can be very helpful when one is researching. Journaling allows you to have a record of your research, your thoughts about the research, what you’ve are looking for and what you have found.  So, tonight, I have decided to at least begin to list some of those things at the end of each night.

  1. I purchased my website domain through GoDaddy.com and my new website is http://www.rootdiggergriot.com//
  2. I called technical support at GoDaddy to find out how to link my blog with my website.
  3. I made a list of what I will be posting next on my blog.
  4. I FB with my Birth Mother and she stated that I should talk to her first about my family history.  I basically have been drawing from my recollection of what I was told, so as always I must have documentation. This is a big step forward with my Mom and I, as I believe she is going to open up to me more.
  5. I left an email message to Michaud Robinson, who was introduced to me as my cousin by Debra Newton-Carter.
  6.  I listened to Geneablogger Web Radio tonight and won a Genealogical Magazine that has information about Genealogy certification.
  7. I have decided to attend the University of Boston for the Genealogy Certification, beginning in January 2012.
  8. I will probably lay out what I am going to post tomorrow and off to sleep.

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