Betty Peters Journal (Day #2) January 3, 1942-Treasure Thursday

Betty Mae Peters (L) with friend Lois (R) in NY City
(My Grandmother Agnes made all of my mother’s clothing and many of her friends as well.)
This is a continued effort to rewrite my mother’s Journal…I think that finding her Journal was definitely a Treasure.
Page 20
January 3, 1942
Time: 12 Midnight
Page #20

I am quite happy this evening to be looking out the window at the falling snow which is the first heavy snow we have had this winter.  Of course I am sorry that Unkie has to be out in it (he always works very late on Saturday’s).  I have always declared that I prefer Winter to Summer and seeing this snow makes me know that it must be cold out and just the weather for ice-skating (my favorite sport).  I received a beautiful pair of white figure skates for Christmas and can hardly wait to wear them.  I won’t wear them until I get the ice-skating outfit…..

Page #21

Page 21

…that mother has been promising me for so long.  I’ve been skating for four years, and I think I should have one by now.  Lois came over to see me today.  She didn’t go to school yesterday either.  I didn’t go because I overslept. It was so silly to expect us kids to go back to school from our X’mas vacation on Friday just because it was January 2nd.

Lois stayed for a long time and after reading up to page 19 in this book she agreed to make a pact with me concerning writing books like this.  That is, I am going to finish this book while she writes one like it, about herself.  If one book isn’t enough we will….
Page #22
Page 22

write 2, 3, 4, etc.  When we decide to, we will exchange books.  I will read hers, and she will read mine.  Of course all of the contents of both sets of books will be kept secret (that’s part of the pact). And some day when we’re grown we will sit down and write biographies about each other.  And even if they aren’t marvelous enough to be rated as first class literature our Grandchildren or our immediate family and friends will enjoy reading them. Do I make myself clear?  If I don’t it’s alright because Lois is the one who’s going to read this book and she already understands the “Pact” perfectly.

The newspapers today were full….
Page # 23
Page 23
….of news about “The Fall of Manila.”  There’s nothing much I can say about it except: As you know this country is at war with (dirty) Japan.  “War” means that something has to be captured, something defeated, something gained, and something lost.  Of course everyone knows that:  “We have only begun to Fight.”~John Paul Jones.
Just as “Remember the Alamo” was the battle cry of the Texans in the Spanish-American war, our people are crying at the Taps of their (our) voices.  “Remember Pearl Harbor” which (of course) relates to the incident that begun our war.
Page #24
Page 24
About a month ago, without even hinting anything about war, The Japanese bombers cruelly bombed Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands.  This was a surprise attack and of course many of our citizens were killed.  War was declared between the U.S. and Japan shortly afterward.  But America will never forget how suddenly and cruelly the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor and they’ll be sorry before it’s all over for (as I said before):
“We have only begun to fight”
“God Bless America.”

Journal written in a Sterling Note Book
Everything is © copyright protected, and one must get permission to use any reference to this journal by Yvette Porter Moore or the Estate of Betty Porter.

4 thoughts on “Betty Peters Journal (Day #2) January 3, 1942-Treasure Thursday

  1. Yvette, this is a treasure, indeed! What a blessing to have this record of your mother's thoughts, just as she planned for you to! (I could only wish for such a thing.) Little did your mother know, that one day there'd be such a thing as the World Wide Web, and her “stories” would be published after all!


  2. Yvette, I am enjoying your mother's journal entries. It is a blessing to be able to know our parents' thoughts, concerns & desires.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I just finished looking through that first box. Wow…so many things…not just of my Dad's, but even of my Mom's family…like my grandmother's Baptismal & Confirmation records. I will definitely be sharing more on the blog.


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