Funeral Card Friday: Celebration of Life Betty Mae (Peters) Porter

My Mother did not have a Traditional Funeral.  I chose to do it similar to my Father’s Celebration of Life.  I rented out a hall, had a Jazz Band to play music that my parents loved, and had lot’s of family and friends in attendance.  I had two couples to be the Emcees of the program which were some of their closest friends and very supportive of me.  There was lot’s of food, and I served food out of my mother’s Entertainment China. The Celebration of Life was Absolutely Beautiful!  The room was full with dignitaries and many community activists.  My mother had two services that day.  The first was with the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Ivy over the Wall, and then the one I had organized.

The following was the Program Card

Here is a collage of the Celebration of life photo’s.


2 thoughts on “Funeral Card Friday: Celebration of Life Betty Mae (Peters) Porter

  1. Very nice! I especially liked the collage…but when I've attended reunions in the past (and I've often been told that our family funerals are many times bigger than the reunions), I didn't know who all the people were in the collage. I'm determined that if I ever create one, I will put the names of the people in a caption under their photo…sort of like a yearbook. That way people years from now who didn't know their family will have a connection.

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